We’re moving, we’re moving!

October 21, 2010

Hey ladies and gents-
I’ve moved crutches to fly over to blogspot, so look for me under “Letters to Alice” at cripkitty.blogspot.com

Being given away, a new controversy for weddings?

May 25, 2010

Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m a feminist in my own right, but I have got to say the new Swedish church in my book has it all wrong.

Okay so here’s the story. It can be seen first here, as well as here, here, and here.

Essentially it’s this: The Princess of Sweden, her name is Victoria has requested to be given away by her father. The Crown Princess. The Swedish Church has long since forgotten this tradition which started out of medieval routes (my opinion not the actual truth) of having fathers give their daughters to wealthy neighbors, friends, the like. While I applaud the Swedish Church for long having a process where the bride and groom actually process down the aisle together (thereby showing the equality in the marriage), I’ve got to admit this entire controversy has left me in a bit of a quandry.

The Princess is taking lots of flack for it, being judged as catering to “American films and entertainment” while this also ruffles my feathers being the somewhat patriotic person that I am, I must admit a few things at this passing.

One, I’m all for individuality. I’m more OffBeatthan some, more traditional than others. The princess has decided to not stick to the status quo, to dedicate part of her day to her father, and is getting all kinds of crap for it. Does this make her offbeat because she’s going against the church to do things her own way? Maybe so. Is this really honoring her father or just making a statement that her groom is a “commoner” so these traditions don’t really matter. Once again, hard to say.

Second, I’m a true daddy’s girl. I’ll admit it. I am. While I respect the plethora of Swedish brides that have come before me, and that I’m not a Swedish bride, I’m just desperately trying to understand why in the world you wouldn’t want to give your father a place of honor. I guess to me, a foolish American, don’t quite see what the fuss is about. My dad, well let’s put it this way, even if I’m under the assumption that it might in passing hurt my father’s feelings? Maybe? It like kills me. I could not bring myself to disappoint him in that way.

So, I’m left with this feeling. Perhaps just like in the Jezebel article, I’m just an American that runs traditions the way that trick-or-treat is still said at Halloween. It doesn’t mean anything anymore.


The CP Beatings, Data Collection, and an Open Letter to Peter Angelos

April 14, 2010

Okay so it’s blowing up the news casts about this kid in College Park that got beat by police officers after the Duke/Maryland game because he was “kicking the horses” and that’s why he was beaten senseless. Go here if you’re interested in seeing the story that was on the news today. While this happened over a month ago, this is making national news because of the release of the video.

Not that I advocate the riot police’s behavior, but Rt. 1 after a Duke game, especially after one where we (and I say we because I’m still a terp) won is crazy. Now, a brief explanation for those that aren’t familiar with the Maryland tradition of rioting. This guy got it right when he said that the riots of this year are close to the riots of 2002. But, let me express something for someone who went to Maryland in 2002. The police were unprepared for the true melee that occurred when we won the national championship. I would like to say I was part of it, but being laid up with a fractured elbow means that you’re lucky to be able to move much less jump on lamp posts. The true excitement that we finally finished first started a tradition of riots and crowds in the streets that leads me to one conclusion.

The University of Maryland was founded in 1856, and the city of College Park largely grew up as the campus grew and expanded. Riverdale, Greenbelt, even areas as far as Landover have benefited from the University being placed where it is. With that being said, Rt. 1 is a major highway from north to south that is still used today. It is a major shell shock (pun intended) when the riots occur…because of traffic.

The riot gear has remained a mainstay during basketball season in the College Park police station. This poor fellow McKenna got caught up in a mess that he couldn’t handle and ended up with a gash, contusions, and a concussion. My guess is that he was belligerent to the cops and they went after him. Make it right what the cops did? Nope. Just sayin’.

Meanwhile, on the data collection front, things are going swimmingly. Nuff said there.

Dear Mr. Angelos-
As a long standing Orioles fan I must say for shame. It’s been a long time Mr. Angelos, a long time. I’d like to be one of the few that actually welcome you into the 21st Century with a brief history. I’ve been an Orioles fan since the 1982 year shortly after Cal Ripken joined the team. I’m a loyal hometown fan, I’m sure you wouldn’t know being from Pittsburgh as the Pirates haven’t had a good season since…what did that T-shirt say? 1992? Oh yeah… a year before you bought the O’s. Now, don’t get me wrong, I recognize the many works you’ve done for your Alum as well as for the rest of the city. I get that.

I was all behind you when you refused to sell the naming right to Camden Yards, I said way to go Angelos.

Then you hit your lowest attendance record in the 15 years of Camden Yards. So, I looked up a bit of statistics. We’re 1-7 this year boss. 1-7 is the worst record we’ve started out with in the history that I’ve been watching the O’s, and that’s close to 30 years. We ended the year last year with an average batting average of .268 which even the beloved Cubs did better than that. We’re heading lower and lower every year, and with the Tejada factor…well, here’s what I propose.

Sell the team. Please. I beg you. Either sell the team or get the f*ck out of the ballpark and leave the real coaching, hiring and firing decisions to the people that know the game and aren’t litigators. Before you go rambling to me about how we’re outmatched in the AL East…I’ve got one example for you. Just one. And their name…I’ll even link the page for you because I’m so nice…

The Tampa Bay Rays. We can’t win for losing! This town is dying to remain a baseball town. We’ve fallen in love with our beloved Baltimore Ravens we wanna fall in love with the O’s again. We really do. The poster of Markakis is really inspirational.

It’s not putting people in the seats because we suck. If Cal Ripken offers you money for the team again…take it. Please. Give it to someone that can actually handle the team the way they should be.

I was going to write about baseball today…but a little wedding issue arose that had to be taken care of…

April 13, 2010

So, I typically like to lean this blog towards my goings-on which inevitably center around science, love, and sports. Occasionally, family woes. So, all I can say to that is a little Los Angeles Love goes along way. Along with some fun and being in the rage it looks as if Jezebel, which I normally regard as fairly cool and a women-centric publication decided to go loopy and all crazy like with this article and then this douzy talking just how torturic the wedding business *cough*monopoly*hack* truly is.

Now, I have been really good about keeping my wedding planning predominantly to myself for two reasons. 1. I like surprises, and figure that my guests will as well. 2. I don’t think people care. That’s right folks, I know that some people read this blog and some don’t…but no one wants to read about a tom-boy turned girlie-girl blather on about dresses, flowers, centerpieces, linens, and what not. What gets me the most however, is the truly audacious nature that the articles tend to go after the wedding racket and not see the forest for the trees. Perhaps, let me explain.

My sister did things her own way, and she wanted things traditional, homey, and family-oriented. Her reception was right down the street from my parents house, she got married in the church that we grew up in. I kind of wrinkled my nose at the idea of being married in a church anyway, and decided once I was engaged to go my own way. Do my own thing…to a certain extent.

Let it also be said, I’m very lucky. VERY is the affirmative word to this. VERY lucky that I have talented friends that will design and print my stationary for minimal cost. Centerpieces are going to be taken care of by a very talented family friend. I spend at least 20-30 minutes at OffBeat Bride and Indie Bride for a reason. I believe in what you’ve said. The wedding business is a racket. ESPECIALLY in New York where it’s a competition to be in the Times for your announcement. My in-laws actually said we should put our announcement in as part of the competition. How do you explain to people that I know you read the New York Times but you’re not in NY???

The point withstanding here is this: I walked away from the wedding racket for one reason…I wanted this to be a thought provoking fun adventurous party that people would walk in the room and say, “Wow this is M and P, this is so them.” I wanted people saying that the entire evening. And, they will. What disturbs me the most about these articles is that Jezebel is supposed to be inherently nurturing in the female persuasion. Female power and all. There’s no word of the thousands of us that abhor wedding “events” and walk away from “tradition” and “etiquette” in lieu of buying local, doing it ourselves, and making things truly unique. You’re not going to find that great local artist to do your veil and one of your “events” Jezebel. You’re going to find it on Etsy, and through word of mouth. That’s what Ariel’s Wedding Porn is all about.

I disagree with you Jezebel. Those of us out there that are throwing weddings, is it really about the money? No. In the end if there was a way to get our entire family and friends together in one place for one reason, we’d be all for it. This is about us, not about wedding “expos” here in the DC areas, they make me wanna vomit to be honest. I was dragged forcibly, kicking and screaming (which on crutches is hysterical btw), to one just to “get ideas” and wanted to take a gun to my head.

Those of us that haven’t had our weddings planned since we were six have walked away from the common establishment. We have driven the stake (or the proverbial crutch in my case) in the ground and said no, we’re not going to have it. We’re throwing a kick-ass party and calling it a day. The people that love us and love that we’re together are going to be there screaming “ROCK ON!” when my physicist fiancee comes out to “Pretty Fly for a White Guy”. More importantly, we’re skimping, scrapping, eating PB&J everyday to make it possible and not be a burden to anyone.

It’s a shame you’ve fallen into the trap of believing in the establishment we all can’t stand.

P.S. I’m going to send this to the author at: jenna@jezebel.com

You should do the same.

A disgruntled wanna be customer

April 6, 2010

To Whom It May Concern at Spirit Airlines:

While I recognize that it takes money, patience, and time to run an airline, as a frequent traveler, I must admit that I am truly disgusted by your lack of compassion for the disabled community in your move to charge for overhead bin space.

I frequently travel. I have been on crutches for close to 20 years, and if I truly had to pay $45 every time I went to Tampa, which is often, I would be bankrupt. It’s a ridiculous expense, more so than the charge for baggage. I know I know, next thing you’re going to tell me is that it’s to prevent people from getting around paying the baggage fair, well I apologize for not being able to walk without an assisting device. I will let someone know the next time I’m born with this condition to ensure that it won’t happen again.

It’s deplorable, and disgusting, and thankfully I will never get on your airline.


A disgruntled physically challenged wanna be Spirit Airlines customer

Real World DC: OMG, leave her alone already…

February 11, 2010

Okay, it’s gotta be said. I’ve been watching this show since it started and Ashley is by far the most annoying and bratty individual in the whole wide world.

Check it out…

January 12, 2010

Check out this great blog:
Oak Park 365

Gaming in Oak Park, designed by my fiancee!!!! His picture, albeit a bit peculiar of one, is right on the front page! Woohoo! Special thanks to Chris LaFortune for giving Oak Park a bit of publicity that it deserves!

A touch of innocence…the Real World invades Washington DC…

January 4, 2010

So, as I have spent the holidays off and not really doing anything except wedding stuff, I should probably add a brief introduction into this blog before I go into my new focus. What’s my new focus you ask?

The Real World.

Not the “real” Real World, the television show. MTV hooked up with Bunim-Murray productions back in 1992 ( I know that might seem like ancient times for some of my readers) and started this process and is now I think in their 23rd season.  While I’ve been there since the beginning (Yes yes, the first new York season), I’ve got to admit that I can’t bring myself to give it up and walk away from it. Even while I suffered through Cancun (and that’s putting it gently), my take out Chinese doesn’t even do justice to the debauchery that these 20 somethings have gotten into in seasons from Las Vegas to Hawaii, to Seattle to Boston. In my ever continuing 30 something rebellion, I’ve got to admit my continued theory that those who consider themselves “rebels” in their teens and 20 somethings are just trying to re-make what we all did when we were in the 90s.

But, I digress. So, I’ve decided to start a new series in this blog. The Real World invasion of DC.  I’m not going to lie, I’m a 30 something juggernaut that has lived in the DC/Baltimore area my entire life. I have very real pre-conceived notions about the Real World, DC, and Baltimore in general. I’m not going to lie in wait and just hope that MTV figures out that they either are or are not right on these things. I don’t honestly care if they think I’m right or not, I’m merely a locals perspective of how things are going.

So, here goes. The first episode always encompasses the introductions, “oh I love the city” blah blah blah. The excitement of the cast coming to DC not withstanding, it was neat how they encompassed the city. The South Market, the Tidal Basin, Union Station, these are the norm that are seen in a different light when broadcast so broadly. They all flew into Reagan National Airport, which is expected, crossing the Key and Memorial Bridge, but in a shocker that I didn’t realize…

…there are local players in this version of our faithful Real World. Yes folks, not only is there someone from Baltimore, but there’s a guy from Philly as well. So, as the locals tell them what’s what…it will be interesting to see the perspective of someone that grew up so close yet so far away. Baltimore, especially the West Baltimore that Ty is from, is worlds away from Washington, same goes for the Philly that Josh is from. Both are now educated, fighting off the “mean” streets that Ty compares more to the “Wire” than to home.
There’s your token religion issue that arises very early in the 1st episode, and in a freak of nature, there’s a lot of boy/girl combinations in the rooms. While I can appreciate trying to be different, I was grateful to see Callie, the small town girl from Texas, and Erika, the rocker from the Windy City, *shout to Chi-town!* decided that their guy roommates were too much.

Then of course, and I’m sure that he’ll be happy to read this…there’s got to be said about Andrew. What a tool. His pictures are like at Metro Center. Hehehe. Denver suburbs must produce a lot of these freakterds around here. My repulsion for this guy is predominantly because there’s a lot of people that come to this town like this. The politically incorrect trying to be Bill Maher with a little bit of Ben Stein. Crazy.

So, stay tuned. The Real World invades DC will take place once a week. 🙂

Tales of a Wannabe Bride?

November 30, 2009

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog. It has been busy since about May, since we got engaged. It’s been an interesting dynamic trying to plan this wedding. I feel like I need to make sure that I retitle this blog tales of a wannabe bride because in the end that’s what this is becoming. I’m tall and proud when it comes to my family, and his family dynamic is well….really different.
It’s largely because they have different priorities. They prioritize everything over family and it’s one of those things that I just can’t seem to get past. Its work over family. I’m just not used to it. Guess it’s something that just kind of happens a lot. But, wedding planning is progressing nicely, we’re working on getting bridesmaids dresses done, tuxes are chosen, I have a dress, a caterer, a reception hall, photographer, and a church. Now, I’ve got to pick a DJ, flowers, cake, you know it never ends.
Then of course there’s school. With the wedding approaching a lot quicker than I would like it too, I must admit that it’s an easy distraction. But, I’m not doing nearly as well as I should be doing largely because I’m distracted, busy, and well, busy. I feel like to a certain extent I’m doing too much and I need to sit down and pay attention, aka why I haven’t been writing this blog nearly as much as I should.
Thanksgiving was nice, and we hit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. It was a fun trip and that museum is way too much to see in one day. The interactive displays alone would take one day. U23D was out of this world and made me feel better for missing their show this year in DC. Bruce Springsteen had 2 entire floors, with the history and dynamic of rock and roll taking up a good entire basement of the pyramid building nestled right behind the Science Center and next to the new Browns Stadium.
Its cold up here in them there hills, a lot different than it is in Maryland where I’ll admit, we’re still waiting for winter to come. I’m happy to keep waiting so take that for what it is. I’m going to end up getting parking for the winter, it might not be worth the price, but if it will save me the trouble when the ice sets in, I’ll be happy.
It’s an interesting change from when I used to post all the time. I think I was trying to avoid the pain of real life and the true reality that my sweetheart isn’t here, and until I finish this PhD, he won’t be. We’re not likely to stay in the DC area, and that although depressing will be an interesting and dynamic change. For the both of us. He’s got a much harder road to hoe than I do for a full time position, so I guess it all just depends on how you want to deal with things. I’m dealing with rough stuff now he’ll be dealing with it later.
Ah well, flights boarding. Guess I need to get going. I’ll try my best to stay updated. I’ve been really bad with it recently because things are so busy and I’ll admit that NaBloPoMo basically passed with me not missing it too much. Guess times change.

Test Test…

September 28, 2009

Wedding Countdown Ticker