A call to action…stupid people have no reason…

I must admit that when I signed up for NabloPoMo (I’d be happy to point you in the direction of mine if desired) I figured that I would just post my blog per the norm, then post it again on another site that gives away points.

Umm…no. That’s not how things have been working. Because this is national blog posting month, I was “supposed” to post daily touting the goodness of blogging.

Yea, I don’t think these people have lives.

I’ve done this twice. I’ve been trying really hard to be good, figuring that all it could get me is more points, right? Yea, no. No one expected the pharmacokinetics exam to be the exam from hell.  No one expected that I wouldn’t be feeling well, and it was to be made worse by the fact that my apartment building has no heat.

Yes, no heat.

I’m punchy, pissy, angry, and tired.

I’m not even PMSing…

So, I had to go over to the Commons for lunch today. Its what this piss poor excuse for a red headed step child calls a Union.  So, I go over there, and kindly ask the guy that if he wouldn’t mind packaging things just a tad differently, than I would be able to carry it back to my building to eat. He proceeded to look at me and say, “We can wrap it up for you.” I said great, and proceeded to wait for my food.

Well, then he goes, “I can put another plate on top of it.”

Well dipshit, that doesn’t solve the problem. It just makes it worse. Right? He looks at me and goes, “Well what do you expect me to do?” Well dipshit, I expect you to do what you said you would.

You know, I could give two shits about your stupid pre-conceived notions as to whether or not you think I can or can’t do something.  Frankly, I don’t even give a shit what you think. But, you’re not a moron.

So I was lurking on said other site the other day, and low and behold, they have a comment section right? Okay, so I read along…

So, I glance through the article and the gabillion comments this writer gets on all her articles, and no idea why…but I digress. (i’m an informed reader, and didn’t quite believe it deserved to be in health essentials for any other reason than gather sponsored the book.) And what do I see?

A sentence: ‘I just drink eight glasses of water and I am desease free’ is misguiding people and showing zero knowledge about drinking water. The fact is that water from the sink is highly oxidized and it is a prime reason fast aging and all kinds of diseases including AIDS.

I apologize for the spelling errors in the quote, but it’s a direct quote.  Umm….HELLO……..

Now, the person that wrote this quote who will remain nameless was one of the many nameless faceless people that post because they are advertising their side businesses, and telling people how stupid they are.

Okay dipshit. You’re so stupid you think you can get HIV from tap water.

Dipshit listen up: HIV dies in about 5 seconds when not in contact with a human host, or at a temperature lower than about 97 degrees farenheit. I apologize if I spelled that incorrectly.

You’re a dipshit that is selling stupid bullshit that isn’t any better than the pay ads that you see on tv that says you’ll lose 40 points from shitting it all out.

Which you can no doubt. Don’t get me wrong, you can. You’ll gain it all back, but you can get rid of it instantly.  That’s called why they call it bulimia and anorexia dipshit.


It’s been a helluva Tuesday…


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