People amaze me, they really do…

I guess it’s been that kind of week. Because literally today, just amazed the living crap out of me. I sat down after my tumultuous drive into work today, and sighed, knowing that I refuse to make whatever huge deal out of it, but my word.

There is an intersection near where I live, in the arts district, where you can turn on red. I go that way every morning, but today due to not having heat, and not feeling well, I had woke up late, and was running a bit behind schedule you could say. I’m doing the legwork for finding a new column, so there was no urgency that I got into work on time.  So, I drive past the Starbucks (yummm…but I’m broke can’t indulge all the time!) and stop at the stop light, inch out to make sure that there’s not someone coming, and this woman who’s likely walking to the light rail station knocks on my car…. and is like “Excuse me, excuse me,” and motions that I’m in the crosswalk.

Well, no Sh*t sherlock, and if you’ve been in this city long enough, I’m not the first, the last, or even the middle that does that, so get your paws off my car. I should have opened my door is what I should have done. Seen what she said then.  I watch out for people when I’m walking, I don’t think I’m god, because those cars are a LOT bigger than I am. A LOT bigger. It will hurt a LOT if a car hits me, so when I’m walking (which is more often than not) I watch the environment around me. With her coffee cup in hand, she didn’t want to do anything except make someone else feel as crappy as she was this morning.

Welp, screw you lady, it didn’t work.  You can take the big finger to me, and I still wouldn’t care. Your poor miserable life didn’t affect me, I didn’t hit you, if you had done damage to my car, you wouldn’t have known what hit you. *ugh* People make me nuts.

My biopsy was yesterday. I got to say, for someone that knows a decent amount about my body, my health, and the world around us, I was left aghast with the lack of knowledge that my doctor was ready to spread around. She said that I have a cyst in my thyroid goiter. A cyst.  For those of you that don’t know what that is, it means that the goiter that she said was really dangerous, and I needed surgery for, welp, it’s about 90% water.  That’s a LOT of water. This has happened to me before. I had peri-carditis related to a viral pneumonia that almost killed me.  It filled the sac around my heart with nearly 2 liters of fluid which was slowly suffocating me. If I hadn’t had surgery, let’s just put it this way, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this. So, the thought is on to whether or not I talk to the surgeon to see if it just needs to be drained, or what have you.

It gets me so mad. These doctors aren’t taught to think outside the box, honestly they aren’t. They are taught to stick to a formula, and they can’t deviate. My birth defect has forced me to start to think outside the box for my own treatment, success, and continued growth. I’m starting to really enjoy life, screw it if I’m going to let a silly cyst on my thyroid stop me.  My advice for the strangers that are reading this??? DON’T BLATANTLY TRUST MEDICINE! Ask questions! Like crazy! Medical science will NEVER change if you don’t question authority, because these doctors believe that they are gods, and they aren’t. They PRACTICE medicine, they don’t know it. They know enough to get by, and hopefully not kill you.

Question, question question. And then, do it some more. It might save your life.


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One Response to “People amaze me, they really do…”

  1. pandemonic Says:

    Hope you’re felling better….

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