The men I’d like to sleep with…and why…

chad.jpgThe most obvious…Chad Kroeger.

Why??? Umm…even in the bad picture you can tell. The guy can play a guitar like there’s no tomorrow and the slow sultry sounds, are well worth just taking your clothes off and waiting. *sigh* Not to mention he writes a good number of the songs that he sings, including collaborating with Carlos Santana in his new one, “Into the Night”.  I can’t express in words how hot this man is. 🙂 Yup, I’d sleep with him, wouldn’t think twice either. Washboard abs, he can take me anywhere.

davematthews.jpg Staying in the music genre, when I first met my boyfriend(the one in the picture) I stated, “Just so you know, if I ever meet Dave Matthews, and decide to sleep with him, even if he doesn’t remember me the next day, I’m going to do it anyway.” His writing, his words, the goofy dance he does onstage, and his voice. My lord. It doesn’t matter that he’s losing his hair. 🙂

Here’s my dorky one:

michaelschulson.jpg Ladies if you don’t know this man, you’re not watching enough television. This is Michael Schulson, executive chef at Buddakan in New York City, and host of Pantry Raid on the Style Network. I think he’s in talks to also have a show on the Discovery Channel, not sure though. He can cook ladies!!! He’s hot, got a good job, and can cook!!! If he can clean too, I’d be totally sold to be his forever.

orlando.jpg Last but not least, who doesn’t like Orlando? From elf to good guy, to pirate, he’s got an encompassing smile, a captivating attitude, and it’s just fun to hate his girlfriends. Just fun…lots of fun.

This was inspired by J’s most recent entry…once I figure out how to code, I’ll put it back in.


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2 Responses to “The men I’d like to sleep with…and why…”

  1. pandemonic Says:

    Orlando, Orlando. Must everyone love him???

  2. cripkitty Says:

    Yes! Heck yes!

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