Medicine Sucks…

Doctors are dumb. To question is human, to err can cause death.

Question medicinal science.

It’s the only way life will go forward.


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2 Responses to “Medicine Sucks…”

  1. amelo14 Says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Might like reading this:


  2. toprasinofos Says:

    You are welcomed to visit my website at to see just how bad the medical industy is. You will be shocked at the real causes of so-called lifestyle diseases, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc. It is all about how the body can be made to malfunction and foul play is behind it all. People stressing other people for various motives such as gaining power and influence, jealousy, revenge for having been opposed or rejected… The main areas are on the home front and in the workplace. Worst of all out of ignorance we are breeding a toxic underculture, people who hurt other people while publically looking good and doing so remorselessly, unconscionaby, to manage their lives! Regards.

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