Tales of a Romance Enhancement Specialist…the College Party

Now, for those of you that read my stuff know that I am a personal romance enhancement specialist over the weekends when I need some money. I would say at this point, I have a few hundred times where I could have done better. Well, sometimes there are millions, but that’s besides the point. I drove out to Harrisonburg VA on Saturday with the hopes that I would be able to have a good party.

Gosh, what a weekend that was.  First, the last time I was in Harrisonburg, it was for a wake. It wasn’t a pleasant one either, it was due to a friend that had lost his life too soon. So, as I’m driving the dark stretches of I-66W towards Front Royal, and then down I-81 towards Roanoke, I have to admit that I found myself wondering why I felt so sad. It came to me on the way home. I will have to say I was really pleasantly surprised that I now have a good memory associated with Harrisonburg.

My client was 19 year old, living in a suite with 4 other women. Their moms were there, and it was the talk of the quad that evening. Yes I was in college based apartments, and the place was PACKED!! I went through my entire speal, and I was excited to see that I had 40+ women that had my attention. It was a bit chaotic. I had asked for help from other distributors a good 3-4 times, and got NOTHING, so I decided that I couldn’t just not go. I asked friends, they couldn’t do it, so I said, okay, if I lose money, that’s fine.

Well, it was frustrating to see that another distributor who is also trying to get out of the business took advantage of a situation. She took advantage of the fact that I wanted to get rid of stock, and took most of my stuff!! *ugh* It was fine, not a big deal, but it was frustrating because I was wondering how I was going to fill all these orders. Some people got stuff that evening, but not many. I also was lucky that I had the few bags that I did! I am now on the way to Party City for some black bags for my party this weekend. *Holla!*

I’m looking forward to calling it quits with this company. It has been frustrating, aggravating, time consuming, and I have wanted to just forget it, but there’s so much stuff that I have to sell, that I can’t see straight. I’m tired…a lot. I need to get my health stuff done, I need to get my school work done, and I need to be done with romance enhancement!!

I’m really looking forward to this party this weekend. I have help!!! That should be the best part, but I will also be able to hang out after the party and get a chance to chit chat with people, and make sure that they had a good time, bought what they wanted, etc.


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