Ready Set…Don’t Go…

This song by Billy and Mylie Cyrus has touched my heart. I won’t repost these lyrics, as they are the property of that family.

I think of my own father.

I think of how supportive he is of me, and my work, and my health problems.  How it’s just now getting to a point where I feel like I can have a life.

I’m not fighting for it anymore.

I’m living it. I’m enjoying what I’m doing, enjoying who I’m with.

Despite not having heat. Yes, the saga continues with that, but I have got to say, that it was kind of interesting the quick response I got. I sent an email to my landlord  (actually her husband) pertaining to our heat, and the lack of it, and the lack of attention that was paid to it yesterday. I got a nasty email in return, stating that it was surprising that we weren’t being more considerate.


Got down to 47F last night.  Guess I can say that it wasn’t that cold….ha! It’s supposed to only get colder as the week goes on…*ugh* So, I calmly explained that hey guy, it’s easy for you to say that we’re not being considerate in your nice toasty house.  So, what’s happening? Today, they are coming back out to look again at the radiators and the thermostat. Yea!!!! I got my way.

Why??? Because I threatened to call the housing authority.  It’s amazing what happens when you start to think about what to do next.  That somehow you get away with more stuff the more people you know.

Once again, goes to show, it’s not about what you know as much as who you know.


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