3 X Thursday

Special thanks to my girl Missy for continued questions with good answers and well thought decisions…

So, here goes:

1. Would you describe yourself as impatient? Why/why not?
Heck yes. Iam way too busy to be concerned with other people when I have stuff going on. You will have to wait for me, not the other way around.  Why? Because I said so dammit, my stuff is important. I think because for so many years I thought I wasn’t important.

2. In general, do you think you’re a good worker? Why/why not? What are your strengths?
Yes, and no. I’ve  recently developed a terribly procrastinating attitude. When I can sit down and focus, I’m a hugely good researcher. I doubt that makes any sense to anyone that doesn’t know me, but it’s true.  I know what I’m doing, and I know what I’m talking about, and that’s a start. I think I’m more of a people person, which is a huge advantage in a field of people that aren’t used to having to deal with other people.  Science is a very singular thing.  A lot of people get into it because they like working alone. Not me man…

3. Do you think you’re a good person? Why/why not?
Yes, I do. Why? Well, I’m mostly selfless (we all have our needs), I’m there when people need me, I try and treat people the same way I want to be treated.  I’m not in it for the long haul if you aren’t a good person, and I figure that if you’re a good person, the least I can do is reciprocate. 

Oh, just an FYI, the computer did turn on. I’m letting it dry out, along with the bookbag. Damn stupid diet coke. I have now sworn off anything except my computer bag. *ugh* Hopefully it will be okay for school. If not, then I’m not going to concern myself with it. I’m just going to go with pencil and paper. If Colleen can do it, so can I dammit.


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