A different experience…

You know, I have to admit, being madly in love with someone pushes you to places that you would never anticipate. I am up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the holiday weekend. Now, we did this last year, but it was like 70 degrees, and it was the nicest holiday they had seen in years. Like 15 years. Now, this year….this year we went back to Meadville, PA (northwestern part of the state if you don’t know Pennsylvania) and so we headed back there. I have to tell you if you aren’t been on crutches for a majority of your life, it’s hard to understand why someone hates snow as much as I hate it. I hate it, because of the cold, the slip, and because I’m from the mid-atlantic, and let it be said we see a predominant more of ice than of snow. So, as we are leaving Meadville last night around 8:30, I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive of getting in the car with my boyfriends father. Now, bless his heart, I do care for this man, but he drives worse than my bf does, and that’s saying something. It was coming down too, like really coming down. It was one of those things that I just didn’t want to do. But, I will tell you something, I was very good. I talked and talked and talked.  I am not a huge fan of talking to his mother as of recent, because she hasn’t been nice recently when it has come to his post-doc choices. I don’t know quite what to say or do anymore, so I talked about my cousin. The not okay anymore.  So, such is life. Meanwhile, I must admit that I am starting to enjoy the holiday season. I will have fun despite how frustrating his family has been.  Meanwhile, as I had started to watch the things of Marion Jones, god bless her. $750,000 of prize funds…gone. Olympic medals for women who fought just to get there, gone. It’s such a shame.  Guess that’s what happens.


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