Frustration, Agony, and Anger, why Universal Health Care screws the little guy…

So, I knew it was coming. I got the “letter” yesterday after I got back from Pittsburgh. The “letter” was from my doctor of more than 10 years which stated that my doctor has decided to walk away from her traditional practice, and move to a more centered, better patient care practice. What she is doing is that she is completely pulling herself from any and all insurance carriers, and she’s charging an annual rate ($1900) and will give a certain amount of services for that annual rate. It is supposed to be more centered in on patient health care, and it’s more concerned with treating less patients a lot better.

I can’t be more upset. I feel angry, frustrated, abandoned, and betrayed. This is a doctor that I started going to after another one killed me. I mean, legit, she almost killed me. I went to a doctor in Columbia (my home town) and I had viral pnemonia. For weeks it was allergies, bronchitis, sinusitis, and then finally developed into a terrible bout of pnemonia. I ended up developing pericarditis, an infection of the pericardium, and I must admit that I am more than frightened about having that happen again. It is frustrating to know that she tried to put it on the fact that she wants to make sure that it’s about the patient care, yadda yadda. That’s bullshit. It’s about money. It’s all about money. It’s so that she can run her office with a minimal staff with minimal overhead, and rake in the dough. *ugh*

Here’s the thing though. This whole universal health care bullshit is just that.  It’s not going to help me, it’s not going to help the continued people that are busting tail not for any other reason but to be able to afford their medical bills. It will just move over the charge from our medical bills that go to insurance and hospitals to the federal government.

Jesus christ people.  Don’t you get that??? It will just replace one cost for another cost. With more overhead, with more problems with doctors, and more people will be battling for the precious 10-15 minutes that you have with said doctor. For example, this specific doctor, if I’m lucky to get 20 minutes of her time, I consider it a blessing. Physical?? Ha…that’s funny. It’s I’m sick, need medicine, I’m sick, need flu shot, refills on prescriptions, need you to set my arm, need you to make sure that my thyroid is okay.  Or, send me to the right people that will help me with that.  So, instead you want me to go to the hospital, not get special attention, have more people there, wait longer, get more frustrated with already busy receptionists???

I don’t think so. I say no.


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One Response to “Frustration, Agony, and Anger, why Universal Health Care screws the little guy…”

  1. pandemonic Says:

    Sorry about that. Things suck all over.

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