Perhaps there’s nothing worse in the world…

Wait, of course there is. But, I must admit on the top of the list there…is waiting for something that you figure won’t be coming.

I submitted an abstract back in October for the Society of Toxicology’s Annual Meeting in Seattle. I figured that it would be perfect. A week of seminars, and a weekend to hang out with my girl Laurel. What could be better? I was also prompted to do this by my boss, due to the fact that another girl in the lab is also submitting. She submitted for a presentation, I submitted for a poster. She has now received information that her submission got accepted. I was happy for her, grateful that she got a chance to go outside her realm into the world that I love so much.

She’s making me so nervous. I haven’t gotten my notification. I don’t expect it. I didn’t figure that I would really get accepted. Honest. I didn’t know that I would get accepted at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences annual meeting, but I got accepted there. *shock* It’s my first national meeting that this research is like mine…

So, if I don’t get to go to Seattle, it isn’t the end of the world. If I get to go, it would be fantastic. I would be happy…but I just can’t stand the waiting!!


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3 Responses to “Perhaps there’s nothing worse in the world…”

  1. pandemonic Says:

    Good luck on that! I hope you get to go.

  2. karainmd Says:

    Good luck! Hope you get to go.

  3. la bellota Says:

    Rock it sister. Ha ha! I FOUND YOU!!!!

    I hope all goes well.

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