Hulk Hogan Returns in the New Edition of American Gladiators

As the writers strike continues on, the new American Gladiators started tonight with Hulk Hogan and Leila Ali.  With a pro skater, and a New York City fire fighter, the men played in games including Hang Tough, the Pyramid, Powerball, the Hit and Run, and the Eliminator.  The Eliminator was not the one of old, it was one that was longer than what I remembered of old, and the gladiators were a lot lamer.

Although the gladiators could have replaced some Oakland Raiders, the steroids were rampant among some of the gladiators including Titan, Toma, and the Wolf.   Poor Hulk was all that I was thinking, because you can tell that the only reason why they brought this back was because of the writers strike. It was interesting, due to the fact that I used to watch this close to 14 years ago.  Now, I’m a reality junkie, so I’m prone to watch stuff like this, I’ll admit it.  But, this modern day steroid rage is something that I must admit loses some of my creative juices.

Now, let it be said, the women are just as bad. One was a small physician, while the other looked to be a female wrestler. The second group of women was a counselor and a Marine Core veteran mom.  Tough girls, yes. I will say that in terms of the gladiators, I liked the women a lot more than the men. Yes, Fury, Venom, Siren, and even Helga were just as feisty as the female gladiators of old, but weren’t as manly or trying to be as sexy. It’s a different world for the gladiator female, and Crash showed that the new female event of Earthquake will completely replace Breakthrough and Conquer.  I think with the female gladiators, what was nice was that they didn’t overwhelm the contenders nearly as much.

The men contenders, the second round, were like 100 pounds and a good foot lost between the gladiators and Molivann, the younger of the two contenders.  The disqualifications are still the same; some of the events are still the same. There’s a new water element to this American Gladiators, if you fall in the Joust, you fall in the water, there’s a swim added to the Eliminator, as well as added to the Hang Tough penalties.  It still helps to bring girl power to the forefront, for which I’m happy.

So, Assault, Powerball, the Joust, the Gauntlet, Hang Tough, Hit and Run, and of course the Eliminator, it’s a good start. I think that Ali and Hogan are a good substitute for Mike Adamley and Larry Zonka, but I think they are trying to get more TV time than they really deserve.  It should be about the contenders being that this is just another game show…me? I’m ready for this writers strike to be over with.


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One Response to “Hulk Hogan Returns in the New Edition of American Gladiators”

  1. pandemonic Says:

    Give up the TV! It’s so bad for you anyway.

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