Keep your vote, how do I keep proving a negative? Roger Clemens, denial, and defamation

Between 60 Minutes and a new press conference, Brian Mcafee now has the Rocket Roger Clemens on his tail. I must admit when this whole steroids mess started, I knew that not only would it knock the baseball world on it’s noggin, but it would also knock the testing world on it’s noggin. We now have to make sure the world knows that those of us in the testing community truly are the best of the best, and we can’t be making mistakes such as those made in France by the testing facility for the Tour de France. Yes you heard it here folks, the French didn’t quite get it right if you ask this chemist. But, that’s just me.

Yes, folks, Clemens came out today and said in a press conference that he filed suit against his former trainer Brian McNafee for defamation in relationship to the information that came out in the Mitchell Report.  He spent a good amount of the hour that he was doing this press conference, “did you do steroids,” “what do you think of petitte”. He was there for one reason folks, to defend the reputation that he fought really hard to get that is now being destroyed. He has speaking engagements that are now getting canceled due to this steroids mess. I got to admit it was a bit sad to watch.

Here’s the thing with this. I watched baseball before the strike, I watched it after. I watched the Sammy Sosa/Mark McQuire going after Maris’s record, as well as Barry Bonds chasing Ruth’s records. You want to know what I think? When Palmeiro got booed, yes booed out of Baltimore, he knew that it was his fault. First, you don’t inject illegal substances, and second, you don’t indict your friends.  At the time Miguel Tejada was one if not the best hitter that Baltimore had seen in a while.  We were remembering the days of old of Eddie Murray, and the Ripkens.  At the time, Clemens was doing well in Boston, and it was before he made his voyages to Toronto, Houston, and the Yankees.  He’s a strong pitcher, and his stats show it.  When the LA Times reported that he did steroids, I said, “Not Roger, no way.”

Now, it looks as if I might have actually been right.  With Andy Petitte, Miguel Tejada, Eric Gagne, and others have all been written into the Mitchell Report, what Clemens has done is he has said, I refuse to judge my fellow players, but I worked my butt off. He said that he felt bad for Bonds, and I believe that.  He can take you Curt, sorry to say it Mr. Schilling, but he can, and being that you learned from the best, I would hope that you could handle that hit to your ego.

My point of this entire matter is this.  I’m tired of the ongoing they totally did this, they totally did that. We gave credence to Marion Jones, and we got burned, I am right there with you. But you know what? She gave the medal back. As she should have.  Petitte came out and said that he used HGH after surgery on his shoulder. Fine.  I don’t agree with it, but whatever.  Miguel has been keeping quiet, and this town is vindictive, so I’m sure he’s happy to just be out of an Orioles uniform.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that this testing thing needs to get resolved. You can either use HGH or you can’t. You can either use steroids, or you can’t. Give the players guidelines, clear and concise guidelines to what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Roger Clemens has said time and time again, that he’s done. He’s done because he was flat out asked if he did anything, and the answer over and over again was no.  If there were proper guidelines, this mess may have been prevented.

Maybe we could save Roger some money that way.


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3 Responses to “Keep your vote, how do I keep proving a negative? Roger Clemens, denial, and defamation”

  1. Says:

    Roid Rocket Roger Clemens is a doper, liar, bully, cheat and fraud.

    His lame defamation lawsuit is right out of the Nike Lance Phamrstrong book. Clemens is a drug cheat. They all are.

    Phamrstrong NEVER won a lawsuit, always settled with confidentiality agreements (secret), then went on Larry King Live and DECLARED victory.

    Both Mr LIVE WRONG Pharmstrong and Roid Rocket Clemens have used steroids from their teenager years.

    What a naive public believes matters not. Nobody wil stop doping, corking bats, or messing with the Disney-ESPN’s BILLION dollar profit machine.

    Steroids make money.

  2. pandemonic Says:

    I guess the jury is out on this. I hope he can prove his case.

  3. Says:

    Jury is in.

    They all dope and lie.

    In a fools paradise.

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