*dramatic music* The Saga Continues, Mitchell testifies, players told to stay home…for now…

So, if things couldn’t get any better in this steroid testing mess, the Congressional hearing that was originally scheduled for January 16th (that’s next week for those of us calendar challenged) has been pushed back for some, and not for others.  It was delayed till next month largely to allow them to investigate further, so they don’t get their panties in a knot for no reason I guess.

*ugh* Enough.  Let’s be honest folks. Roger Clemens may be dumb, but he isn’t stupid. There’s a deposition this week with him, his lawyer, and the Justice Department, and if he lies to them, he’s in major trouble, and that’s not just a baseball term.  He’s going to spill his guts, because he’ll have to, or risk the venue of public scrutiny, which let’s be honest, he’s losing in right now.  So, the players, and Brian McNamee, they are going to go before this Justice Department board before they decide that it’s “okay” for them to testify before Congress.

For those of you that don’t remember, McNamee is the same guy that said that he injected Clemens with HGH (or Human Growth Hormone for those not in the know) and steroids in 98, ’00, and ’01.  Clemens, per my last post, have vehemently denied this, and also called McNamee a liar on countless occasions. McNamee wants immunity from the House Oversight and Government Reform committee before he testifies, and Clemens has never wanted that. Me??? McNamee is guilty as sin, and he’s a liar.  I think it’s funny that House Oversight and Government Reform that’s a funny name.  But, that’s besides the point.

So, we now have Pettitte who’s coming in, Clemens, and McNamee. They said they wanted to make sure that it was truly about steroids and it wasn’t about Clemens.

Puh-lease people.  Let’s get realistic.  It’s going to the Roger Clemens show for one and only reason. He will make it that way. Why? He’s a superstar, that’s how it goes…no…honest…it’s because he needs to win in the venue of public opinion. We’ll see what happens.


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2 Responses to “*dramatic music* The Saga Continues, Mitchell testifies, players told to stay home…for now…”

  1. pandemonic Says:

    Hmm. This is interesting, but what do you think will be the outcome? More of the same? A slap on the wrist?

  2. disney-ESPN.pharmacy Says:

    They all dope.

    Disney and the other TV networks buy the steroids and spped.

    The corked bats must stay too.

    MLB = WWE

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