So much hoopla…for what???

You know, this journey through graduate school has been a difficult mental ride for me. It really has. After my committee meeting, I started thinking about where I do research versus where I will actually get my degree from.  It’s interesting how very different the two schools are.  Let me explain. The place where I will get my degree from, it’s considered a professional school, thereby there are no undergraduates. The youngest students are the pharmacy students, because in the US you can get a pharmacy degree without a bacholer’s degree.  Which is fine, no big deal, and most of them were really nice. But, because I’m in such a multi-disciplinary degree, it tends to go from one end to the other.

Meanwhile, I get back from my committee meeting yesterday to the university that I do my research at, and everyone’s up in arms. Teaching assignments went out, and the graduate community is furious.  Why??? Because there’s a TA shortage. What does that mean? You’re asking the wrong person…hehehe, what it does mean though is that I was asked to TA analytical chemistry, and kind of giggled, saying that this time two years ago, I was begging, begging to be a teaching assistant.  But alas, I digress. People firmly believe this, and firmly believe that.

My thoughts??? Get over it.

Why?? Because if you don’t get over it, you’ll fall short.  You fall short, you won’t get the research done you want to get done, you won’t get your reviews done, and thereby you just won’t get done in the schedule you want it.  Graduate school is the hardest thing that I can imagine right now, almost as hard as my health problems.  It’s different, it really is.  Then…the psycho lady that I share a lab with, she goes into this whole…”Gosh, I’m so glad that I don’t do that.. I would never do that again…”


It’s crazy bs stuff, I just don’t get it…


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