Everything in moderation…the election *ugh* an independent perspective…

So, as I have been watching the election coverage this week, I must admit I’m getting a bit tired. But, that’s besides the point. But, I digress. This week John Edwards and Rudy Guiliani decided to drop out of the race. I’m so unhappy about that. I did like both of them, and it was a good race, even though both were finishing disappointing 3rd, pretty much every time. I have seen a lot of stuff on the internet recently, “the democrats are hand-picking the republican candidate”. That’s crap. Cmon guys, let’s be honest.  If Hilary does win the nomination, which I really hope she doesn’t, I don’t think that the Dems can really come back from it. I think she’s a career politician with the heart, soul, and demons of a career politician.  The Clintons have had their time in the White House, and frankly, I’m tired of them.  They’re starting the mean tactics early in the campaign, and unfortunately, the Obama campaign has started to retaliate.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, Huckabee, Romney, and McCain. Schwarzeneger has now endorsed McCain, Gist from Florida endorsed McCain, I feel as if McCain is really on a run. It makes me excited to see what Super Tuesday will do, because let’s be honest, there’s nothing that Maryland will do except bleed blue.  But, we shall see.

I think that the thing with the Republicans is that they’re honest with themselves that Bush has made more mistakes than actual successes. For example, I was talking to my lab mate today and he said that they found and killed  a “high ranking” Al Qieda official.  I said to him, “You know they’re always talking about all these high ranking officials, why can’t they catch Bin Laden?”

And, although he laughed he said, “You’ve got a point.”

My thought on this whole election is this. I think that if the Dems get it right, and they figure out that moderation is key, they will get around to figuring out what the Reps did. That moderation will win this election. That if you can work BOTH sides of the aisle, you will control what people think about the war, the economy, new taxes, as well as making sure that the public finally gets the change that they so badly want.

Here’s the thing my Democratic friends before you sacrifice me to the wolves:

If you nominate Hilary, you can’t beat McCain.

If you nominate Obama….well, it’s going to be one helluva race.


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3 Responses to “Everything in moderation…the election *ugh* an independent perspective…”

  1. rightwingdog Says:

    The first thing that should be realized is that the MSM is pushing, no shoving is a better word, McCain down our throats and they is the first clue there is something wrong. What is wrong is that McCain is a RINO. He is the Republican that Democrats want to have in office.


  2. geekhiker Says:

    You’re only starting to get tired of it now? Man, I was getting sick of it all sometime last year. By the time November rolls around, I’ll be completely burnt.

    Still, I will be doing my civic duty and voting next week…

  3. pandemonic Says:

    There has to be a better way. To me, this is one expensive beauty contest.

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