I know I should be happy…

But dammit, I’m not. I’m happy my bf got an interview. I’m not happy that it’s in Chicago. Over Valentine’s Day. We don’t ever do a DAMN THING except over Valentine’s Day. I know it’s on a weekday this year, I know that I’m happy he got an interview, and I know that I’m happy he’s doing something…

…but dammit. Dammit!!! Why Valentine’s Day???????

I’m sad.  I was going to plan something huge. Oh well.  It’s now ruined. Now he’s thinking that he will even plan it so that he can hit two schools at once.   So, I might not even get to celebrate until afterwards. It’s like it’s not even worth it. *pout*pout*


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2 Responses to “I know I should be happy…”

  1. Ina Says:

    So, why does it have to be Valentine’s Day that you do something “huge”? Make February 23rd, or March 2nd, your special day. February 14 is just a date. I have awful memories linked to that date. It’s not like it’s a day that’s ingrained in stone for you. It’s not either of your birthdays, right? Just a Hallmark day.

    Make your own special day. One that Hallmark doesn’t control.

  2. pandemonic Says:

    Poor thing. Why not go to Chicago? That would be a cool place to spend V-Day with him. Otherwise, I’m with Ina. Don’t fall for those retail holidays.

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