Is there truly a smoking syringe?

Yes folks, the saga of steroids and baseball continues because the Rocket has made his way to DC. He had several meetings today, including with MD Democrat Elijah Cummings (go Bmore go!). He spoke briefly with people outside the meeting, and was open saying that he was ready for next Wednesday, the open meeting with the committee to testify on his part of the Mitchell Report and steroids saga.

Elijah Cummings wanted to make sure that Clemens held true to his role model image. Meanwhile, McNamee arrived for his deposition, didn’t talk to reporters, we heard today that he and his lawyers turned over a syringe that had Clemens’ blood on it, from a supposed injection. Then, the Justice Department said this evidence was from 2000, then from 2001.  What of McNamee’s lawyers said that he wanted to make sure the case didn’t stay a “he-said, she said”.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. That’s all the Mitchell Report was. It’s not like former Senator Mitchell went to baseball players. He went to trainers. He went to people that he suspected could give him background information, and they named names. He didn’t do any real investigation.  Clemens apparently spent 5 hours under oath, profusely denying that he used ANY performance enhancing drugs.  McNamee said that he’d hold a press conference after his deposition.

Who do you think is telling the truth??? The guy that said what he said under oath or the other guy???


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