Skating, Cops, and Baltimore City

Now, let’s be honest folks. No one wants a 14 year old kid running into them on the Inner Harbor, you’ll start hearing that it’s bad for publicity for the city. Welp, let’s be honest here. Can you skate at the Inner Harbor? No. Can you skate at Camden Yards? No. Can you skate anywhere in this town without having people harass you?? No.  So, Officer Riveri why don’t you get out of your little vehicle on the Inner Harbor and start chasing the drug dealers out of Mt. Vernon??? Hmmm??? Why don’t you stop harassing skaters and start harassing the drug dealers and killers in this town that are giving it the bad reputation? Hmmm???

On a good note, ABC 2 News reported today that the officer was suspended pending an investigation for putting the 14 YEAR OLD in a head lock.  I think sometimes people forget the good sense that god gave them.


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2 Responses to “Skating, Cops, and Baltimore City”

  1. sertop Says:

    haha, the cop obviously had a bad childhood. Cops are so power hungry sometimes.

  2. Mama Kelly Says:

    I was deeply offended by the police officer’s behavior in this video. I was relieved when I read that he was suspended for his actions. Was the kid a bit fresh-mouthed … yes …. but the last time I checked that wasn’t an offense that warrented being forced to the ground by a cop.

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