Playing the blame game: Clemens testifies before Congress

What a chaotic place DC has become! Yes yes folks, Clemens showed up on Capitol Hill yesterday with his accuser, Brian McNamee.  He emphatically denied that he used ANY performance enhancing drugs, or HGH.  He did admit that his wife was injected with HGH for a photo shoot in 2003.  His best bud, Andy Pettitte, came out and said that Clemens did tell him he used HGH. Clemens retorted with, “He must have misremembered the situation.”

For someone that has supported Clemens the entire road, it’s getting harder and harder to believe. Elijah Cummings, a democrat from right here in Maryland stated yesterday, “You know, you’re a true hero of mine, and I don’t quite know even with that if I can believe you.”  It disheartens me. It makes me sad. What does he benefit from lying? The Hall of Fame? He’s going there anyway. Unless it comes down that he’s part of the steroid controversy, but let’s be honest, Barry Bonds will likely go into the Hall of Fame, steroids or not.

So, McNamee came out with bloodied gauze and syringes that he says he used on Clemens, and proves that Clemens in lying.  Well, where the heck has this stuff been?? Just sitting in your house waiting for this deposition Brian??? Cmon.  I am interested in the results from that testing, is all I have to say there.

It comes down to a straight he said/he said game. I’m tired of it. Represenative Waxman had it right. Either McNamee is lying and he’s ruined Clemens career, or Clemens is lying, and he joins the ranks of McGwire and Palmeiro who said that they weren’t in front of Congress to talk about the “past”. I think the best quote from yesterday was, “It’s better not to talk about the past than it is to lie about the past.” Ain’t that the truth.

Truth be told, this has smeared the reputation of baseball. It has smeared how players are seen in fans eyes, and for me, I truly think that’s terrible. Not that we have much to root for here in Baltimore with Bedard heading to Seattle, but it makes you not want to watch the game. With so much controversy of cheating, the money, it’s all a bit too much for this baseball fan.


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