It’s Not Cancer…

I can’t tell you how those words resonated through my head today. I never dealt with this the way that I dealt with this past week. I had to deal with the knowledge that pathology results could come back malignant. It could come back that I had cancer, and didn’t do a damn thing about it for almost three years.  Yes folks, I’m back!!! So, the surgery was close to three weeks ago now.  The first couple days…well sucked is a mild word. I couldn’t sleep except sitting straight up because the coughing was so bad.  By the time Sunday hit, I was ready to be done being sick.  I got out and about for a while, and I said…okay, still sick.  It was hard to, because the bf left for a while, and then he left again as I was getting back to work!!! It was rough. I went back to work part time last week, and bf went from Raleigh to New Mexico.

I went back to the doctor today armed with bf and my mom. It’s odd. The most monumental health issues that I have ever had in my life…my ma has already been there. So…there she was. It was like instinctual.  Not to mention, the bf was there, in his own way, walking through things…I think I got really lucky with a surgeon…all that he does is thyroids…

Hashimoto’s disease. That’s what it’s called.  It’s…according to the Mayo Clinic…when your immune system decides that it’s going to attack your thyroid gland.   Actually the biggest cause of hypothyroidism (or an underactive thyroid) is Hashimoto’s disease. So…what now???

I get followed by an endocrinologist…till forever….till I pass away. Frankly, that’s okay…take that Darwin!! I won this one!!!


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5 Responses to “It’s Not Cancer…”

  1. karainmd Says:

    Hooray for some good news!

  2. Fun two days « You can’t reason with Crazy… Says:

    […] back on the job..but it’s so nice to have a clean home. We also got great news yesterday. Go see my sister here. Filed under: life, melinda […]

  3. lwayswright Says:

    That’s great news! Congrats to you!

  4. geekhiker Says:

    So, so happy to hear the news. And welcome back. 🙂

  5. pandemonic Says:


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