An Update of Sorts…

So, as the world of graduate school has progressed, I have got to tell you, I’m more than anything ready to be done with crazy people. For example…

…I sit in on my mentor’s analytical chemistry class. How and why do college kids somehow think it’s totally okay to show up for class 45 minutes into a hour 30 minute class….and then…walk in front of the professor and grab a piece of paper. Right in front, interrupt the lecture and everything.

It’s like people just don’t think. Second, I’m also a bit tired of the world of biology trying to merge with the world of chemistry a bit too much. What I mean is…in biology, it’s more important for everyone to have their own micropipetter, their own reagents, their own chemicals, largely because you’re more concerned about contamination. In spite of this, there’s someone that I have had the pleasure to work with recently, that she just can’t stand having to share anything. I hate it more than anything, because she’s not necessarily complaining to me, but she’s just a character….and I hear about it from a lot of people. That’s okay. I am okay with that, but now that I’m the “only” one that “isn’t” her friend…*ugh* are we in middle school again?

Middle school was bad enough for me because I didn’t have many friends, and I was dealing with my crazy birth defect. I don’t want to go back. At all. I think I just need to be more forgiving and understanding of people, and I do try. It’s interesting to see what will happen next.

I will tell you though, I was thinking about Charlotte the other day because I had to dress up for a talk I had to give in class. It was white on white shirt, and let me tell you the fat was rolling ladies the fat was rolling! I was so disappointed in myself, and not keeping myself in proper shape. I think that if Charlotte can do it with work, and craziness…so can I dammit.

Back to the gym next week, regardless of looking for an apartment, keeping things together for the man and school, and getting ready for my comprehensive. It’s that time of year people! I don’t honestly care about missing June…because yes folks the Panasonic Open is coming back to town! I will gracefully be in town for June if I know I can spend the whole weekend there!!!!!!!!!

That’s my update folks, I will say, as much as I’m not necessarily commenting, I am reading! So, keep writing, I need some distraction. 🙂


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4 Responses to “An Update of Sorts…”

  1. charlotte harris Says:

    yes you can do it, despite all the craziness… happy gym-ing!

  2. cripkitty Says:

    I knew you’d come by Charlotte! :):)

  3. geekhiker Says:

    My personal philosophy of life (I wonder if I ever blogged this?) is that we don’t ever actually get past jr. high school. Sorry. Sure, we pretty it up a bit, we talk a little nicer and what not, but really, when you get right down to it, all the cliques stay the same: the pretty people, the athletes, the studs, the geeks (*waves*) on down the line.

    That said, the kids who show up late to class are just spoiled brats.

    Good luck with the return to the gym (as you know, I feel your pain). And, hey, I think I just found a whole new positive to being single: I’m sparing some poor woman from having to “keep it together” for me! LOL

  4. cripkitty Says:

    *ha*ha* my dear geekhiker….you two will have your day. 😛

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