Samantha’s ~ A place to go see…a restaurant review..

So, I’m not quick to let people forget the fact that I have a thing for food. I’m just now getting into the idea of actually making and cooking food, but Friday was special. It was a special occasion for me and the bf, so I figured that we would try something new.

We ended up in Silver Spring, a good 26, 27 mile trip from me here at work, but I wanted to make sure that the bf knew that I was willing to drive as well. The plan was to try a new place for dinner, and then try IronMan down at the Uptown Theatre, a favorite of ours for their panoramic screen. Now, here’s where things get interesting.

Brief excerpt: We’re both graduate students, although he recently graduated (bastard right?:) and is now a doctor. We’re on a tight budget, made even worse by the fact that we are now expanding back out to two households because his new job will necessitate a move to Illinois. So, I was looking for an affordable, good food place.

We arrived at Samantha’s. Now, the Washington Post City Guide raves of the appetizers, but no can do there. We were happy with the chips and homemade salsa. That’s right, we watched them make some. Homemade chips too. *yum* Both of us ordered Salvadoran dishes, with the hopes that we were trying something new, and that it would be better than our typical Mexican trips. The same variety except one beef and the other chicken, the saltado dishes (literally meaning jumped back) were very good. Although I wasn’t expecting what I got.

When you walk into a Latin restaurant, you are anticipating spicy food. You just are, that’s how it goes. When you don’t get it, there’s an anticipation that something is wrong. My meal was prepared with fresh tenderloin, onions, peppers, peas, fries, it was really good. Just not spicy. Same goes for the bf. So, guess in El Salvador, it’s not about spicy. I did a bit of research and found out that I was right.

Salvadorian food is about using the freshest, most fruitful of ingredients, opting more for vegetables than anything else. Apparently, the papusa’s are also amazing, especially the seafood variety. I already have the Crab enchiladas picked out for our next visit.

Located in the Latin area of Silver Spring, if you’re not familiar with Silver Spring MD you will miss it. As we did three times, and I’m from the area! Prices are reasonable, and there is limited parking. It’s located at 631 E University Blvd. Very family oriented, and family run!

4 crutches from me! Stay tuned, Ironman review soon!


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One Response to “Samantha’s ~ A place to go see…a restaurant review..”

  1. geekhiker Says:

    Not being a spicy food fan, that’s what I like about Salvadorian food. Though I suspect the place you recommend might be just a little bit out of my range at the moment…

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