Tales of a Wannabe Graduate School Dropout

Hey ya’ll…so comps are officially 8 weeks away. Two months before the last exam that I will ever take before my boards, and the last time that I will have to worry about whether or not I can “cut it” in graduate work. All I do anymore is study…I’d rather be doing this but that’s just me. It’s everything from dose response curves to liver toxicity, back to pharmacokinetics and benzodiazepiene pharmacology.

I’ve been studying now 2 weeks and between analytical chemistry and metal toxicity, my head is swimming. I haven’t been writing much, and Geekhiker reminded me to check my stats which have been falling. So, I just wanted to let you know that I am still around and kickin’. Occasionally going out, occasionally doing stuff. The bf graduates like legit on the 23rd, we move the following weekend. We spend a month of bliss in the new place, and I take my exam.

Immediately after that, we end up heading to the Windy City to look for a place to live for him. He’s also going to the university to see his new boss. Should be cool. We’re going to hang with his bff too. It’s going to be nuts I tell you. So, it’s been a stressful couple weeks, and it’s due only to get worse from there.

So, in a last bit of advice Go Skateboarding Day is June 21 this year. Skate parks are opening, kids, teens, and adults alike are hooking the day and skating. Skate man, skate!!!! I haven’t quite quit yet, grad school I mean (explaining the title) and don’t plan on it. I think about it…a lot. But it doesn’t seem like I should give up. I’m not a quitter…just a wannabe. 🙂


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7 Responses to “Tales of a Wannabe Graduate School Dropout”

  1. geekhiker Says:

    I said something about your stats? *scratches head* I don’t recall…

    Heh, the last thing you want to see is me on a skateboard. Not that I would be on all that long, mind you, before my rear connected with the concrete…

  2. cripkitty Says:

    geekhiker: you mentioned your own stats, and it made me look at em. ;P

  3. tigereye Says:

    “Me on a skateboard” would only mean I’d have to borrow your crutches till both casts came off!

    You’ll love Chicago. Pack something warm, though — I was always surprised at how much the temp could swing from day to day.

  4. pandemonic Says:

    Oh, if you move to Chicago, you will be within a four hour drive of me. Then we must meet! Absolutely!

  5. cripkitty Says:

    oh tiger eye-

    You’d like it if you tried it. It’s easy just to balance. Pack something warm, in July?

    Pan- I would like to say I’m moving, as I am tiring of my home state, but I’m not. I still have 2+ years left of school, so while I slave away in boring old MD, he gets to have all the fun. He’ll be there for like 2, unless like say I only have a year left, he might ask for an extension, so that we can move together.

  6. tigereye Says:

    Hey, it’s supposed to hit the high 70s today and I’m indoors grumpy because I’m COLD. It’s possible that I’m biased.

    You have a link to Charm City Cakes! That is SO COOL!

  7. cripkitty Says:

    You didn’t see that?? me and Duff see…we’re neighbors….well kinda…hehe…

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