Dear Barack Obama

Dear Senator Obama:
I must admit that I was happy Sen. Obama, that you finally got around to winning your party’s nomination. You have broken barriers along with Sen. Clinton, and should be congratulated for the historic campaign that you have already run. But, let’s get down to business shall we?

I’ve read your blog, your supporter’s blogs, and well, to be honest am waiting for the next shoe to fall. I can understand that you did a few things that weren’t “mainstream” I can also understand why people have gone after your church, but at this point…to me…that’s water under the bridge. Kennedy before you was persecuted during his campaign for being Catholic, so I am not convinced that your religion will impede your decision making processes. On your website, you have wonderful plans spelled out for a variety of issues from healthcare, disabilities, and homeland security. As a young person, I’m desperate to understand what you want to do. I will even go as far to say, I would encourage you to increase my taxes if necessary to pay for some of these fantastic programs.I will admit that I’m not as informed as I would like to be, perhaps that’s the reason why I’ve sat down here to write this..but, let’s address the real issue at hand.

Since 9/11/01, my area has lived in a culture of fear because we are worried that after the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, we’re at risk. We listened to our president tell us that we “have” to go to Iraq, and we went. Willingly. Serving our country wasn’t a question, it was a responsibility. We have come back injured, battered, bruised, broken. Threats not only from the Middle East, but from everywhere aren’t going away anytime soon. I’m all for improving the economy, the environment, and making it easier for the lower middle class, aka me, to get along in this country. I want to believe you Senator. I want to believe that you will keep me safe. That I will never have to experience the alarms that went off on college campuses in DC that they were being locked down. I want to never experience what they experience in the Middle East. I recognize that was our fault. I also recognize that we aren’t going to go on without recourse. I also recognize that some of it is paranoia, but I want to believe that you’re the person to bring us out of that paranoia.

Senator, I am desperate for change, but recognize that nothing in Washington DC moves as quickly as we believe and want to think that it will. The city is old, and the system…antiquated. I will admit I’m asking hard questions. I will admit I’m looking for guarantees that aren’t going to be there. But…

…I want you to make sure that science is funded so the thousands of us out there that are trying to make sure we are prepared when the biological weapon hits, because it will…have jobs.
… I want you to ensure that I won’t go further in debt because you want to nationalize health care, and ensure that those of us that are covered, regardless of how crappy that coverage may be, will not end up with the bottom of the stick.
…I want to make sure that you will keep me, and everyone like me as safe as you can possibly make us. That your diplomacy is so great that the nations out there that we have now made enemies, will progress further towards at least…colleagues.

Senator, please give me a reason to vote for a main party candidate. The past 3 elections I have voted 3rd party candidates due to my sheer disgust on how campaigns have been run, how things have been going, and what people have been doing. I want to believe. Make me believe that you truly are a change that I can believe in.

Indignant Independent


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4 Responses to “Dear Barack Obama”

  1. tigereye Says:

    Um, what religion? He’s Methodist.

  2. Mel Heth Says:

    I thought you only wanted him to get elected so he would get shot?

  3. cripkitty Says:

    No Mel, I never meant to say that. Did I say that? I don’t really know who I want to get elected to be honest…

  4. Mel Heth Says:

    Oh cripkitty, you will not believe what my tiny pea brain read on your blog. In my late afternoon haze yesterday, I was skimming your writing and saw on your Me Me Me page that you wanted Osama Bin Laden to get shot in the US. Only, somehow my eye-brain disconnect saw Brack Obama and I thought “oh my gosh! what a mean person!” My sincerest apologies to you and your bloggie readers. From now on, I will wear bifocals when reading your posts. šŸ™‚ Sorry!

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