Dear John McCain

Dear Senator McCain ~
First, let me thank you for the service that you have provided to this country in the Vietnam War. I cannot imagine what it felt like to be MIA and a POW. However, with time ticking till this November election, I must admit that I have a couple things that I need to get off my chest before I consider giving you my vote.

As an independent, it does disappoint me that you are rallying with President Bush. Although I do value the service that Bush has given to the country, I must admit that I’m of firm belief that nothing good can come of your continued correspondence and encouragement from him. I recognize that is a party thing. Boys have to stick together, and make peace. I get that. Here’s the thing though. Bush has fostered a culture of fear that…in my opinion is no longer tolerable. I don’t want to be scared that the next terrorist will actually succeed in getting to the White House, the monuments or worse. I am tired of being scared. My brethren went to Iraq out of not just fear, but responsibility, and has come back without Bin Laden, without revenge, battered, bruised, and broken. I should not have to teach a once vibrant 20 year old how to walk on crutches, because he’ll be on them the rest of his life. He offered a service to you, and all those like you, and Senator, you let him down by prepetuating a war that doesn’t need to be fought. But, let’s focus on something else, shall we?

Your opponents (now opponent) have made real strides and broken barriers in both race and gender bias. If you remember correctly, Steele and Cox here in Maryland made history as an African American man, and a blind woman running for two of the most powerful positions in the state. Although they did not succeed, they were Republicans. It’s something to be proud of, and it’s something that as a candidate, my hope is that you will pick someone that is worthy to overcome such standards. I’m just saying that the hope that you will pick the most qualified candidate for your vice president slot should not be tarnished by the taking the “2nd best” because they are white and male.

Meanwhile, I also understand that you have a fine record as it comes to homeland security. I recognize that you will do your best to make sure that we are a safe country to believe in. But, let’s also face facts Senator McCain. You aren’t a spring chicken anymore. I must admit that as often as I criticize Obama for his age, I also will criticize you. He might be a bit young, but you’re aging just as fast as he is. I know you can back things up with experience, and I am grateful, but this isn’t the time to be quiet…and that’s all we’re getting from you.

Not that I blame you, Senator. The long drawn out Democratic primary allowed you to fly under the radar for a while. However, you’re very quick to say we’ll remain in Iraq, we’ll have military forces there, but not quick to talk about the economy. Do you know Senator that I paid $3.89 a gallon for gas? And that’s at the “cheap” place? Don’t get me wrong, I recognize that people around the world are paying a lot more than that, just for a liter, but we’re the United States of America! Things are SUPPOSED to be different here. I guess it’s all about balance. Talk to me about the economy Senator.

Talk to me about how you’re going to make “sure” that tomatoes don’t get sick like they are right now.
Talk to me about how you’re going to ensure that science is funded, and people will remain employed, despite the fact that Bush has continuously dropped NIH funding to fund his so-called “war”.
Talk to me about how you’re going to ensure my safety when the people that we are “fighting” are supposedly not nuclear ready.
Talk to me beyond the stump speeches.
Talk to me about how you’re going to take care of your OWN generation, and that we aren’t going to be out in the cold without social security once you, and all the baby boomers like you are gone.
Talk to me, the “working poor” as you’d like to call it. Explain to me how the Republican president offered a economic surplus package to try and boost the economy, but didn’t give it to the poor.
Talk to me about keeping my lights on.

Just keep talking, because I’m ready to listen. I’m ready to FINALLY vote for a candidate that will keep food in my cupboards, money in my pocket, gas in my car, and keep me safe. I’m ready. I want to believe that the status quo in our antiquated town of Washington DC is what we still need. I am desperate to offer a vote to something that “means” something.

Show me what you “mean” Senator. I’ll listen.

An Idealistic Independent


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