Tales of a Wannabe Graduate School Dropout ~ Musings for a Tuesday

Checklist for the week:
1. Make sure that your family isn’t mad because you’ve been completely avoiding them for this test. *check*
2. Plan a rendezvous with one of the best buds for after the test because you’ve been avoiding her too, and she’s probably convinced you hate her. *working on it*
3. Wish friend that is heading half way across the globe for a whole MONTH good luck, and express in words how truly jealous you are that she’s going to Cairo. *check*
4. Don’t freak out manfriend is moving 707 miles northwest to a city that isn’t nearly as friendly or warm as Baltimore is. *check*
5. Prep yourself for dealing with the fact that your boss is going to flip out that you’re going to be gone for seven days because of said manfriend moving. *check*
6. Ignore manfriend because he’s being a douchebag because all he can think of is leaving you alone in this cesspool of Baltimore. *check*check*
7. Study. Well, attempt to without remembering goofy songs that you once listened to. *check*
8. Sleep. Hey wait…what happened to that?

The countdown in on folks. For those that I have unhappily ignored or snapped at, my sincere apologizes. They say that this is the last important exam I will ever take in my life. They lie, but that’s besides the point. This is my jump between the masters and phd programs. I’m tired, sad, frustrated, and angry all at once. Man friend is putting everyone out on a limb, and as much as I love him, he’s making me crazy. He’s ignoring me, so I’ve decided to ignore him in return. When he doesn’t ignore me, I’m so repulsed that he has, that I don’t want to have any fun.

Bad scene, bad scene. I’ll write more about Chicago and our New York trips after this test.
I feel like I’ve put my life on hold for this stupid test.
Looks like I’ll be in Portland in September, yea northwest! :):)


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6 Responses to “Tales of a Wannabe Graduate School Dropout ~ Musings for a Tuesday”

  1. heathenly Says:

    Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Get some sleep!

  2. geekhiker Says:

    Hope the stresses go away soon and the traveling goes well.

    I think you’ll like Portland as much as I did. 🙂

  3. flitting Says:

    best of luck with the test!

  4. cripkitty Says:

    geekhiker: interested in a trip north? 🙂

  5. muffinsprettymom Says:

    See, I found ya!

  6. flitting Says:

    just stopping by to see what’s new

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