An Update of Sorts…

First, my apologizes to those that actually take your hard earned time to read my blog. I’ve been super busy. So, how do we catch people up?

Mf has moved. We moved him at the end of August, and I’m still trying to adjust.  It hurts on a daily basis.  It seems as if it’s such a delicate balance between being dependent upon someone for your emotional comfort, but them not being there. It’s hard to realize what to do next.

School sucks as well. I found out soon after that I was given a conditional pass so I’m not quite a doctoral candidate yet. *sigh* I have no insturment, I can’t progress, and so now I sit and write stuff like this because I don’t quite know what to do next.

So, I figured I’d share a video. Here goes:


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6 Responses to “An Update of Sorts…”

  1. cripkitty Says:

    View discretion advised! There’s quite a bit of swearing in the beginning…

  2. Jackie Says:

    I love swearing!

    I’m sorry things suck right now. What the hell is a conditional pass?

  3. geekhiker Says:

    I feel ya on this one. The whole women and work thing is at a high level of suck for me too.

    Okay, I realize that my saying that doesn’t exactly help with anything, I just thought I’d commiserate in our current lack of joy…

  4. cripkitty Says:

    conditional pass = not quite there yet. Let’s re-put you through hell to see if you’re “really” ready.

  5. pandemonic Says:

    Aw… I’m so sorry. About the boyfriend. About the school. And hey, writing like this isn’t so bad! You might find you’re good at it (I have a sneaking suspicion you are). Look at change as a good thing.

    And you know where to find me… 🙂

  6. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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