Post Election Day Bliss

Yes folks, FINALLY…the election is over. I, your apathetic observer, has got to admit that it’s just about time. I’m tired of the bs back and forth, tired of the talking points, and I know it’s hard to believe, tired of Sarah Palin. Trig, John, and Bristol too. And all their other children.  I’m typically a fairly conservative type, just largely based on the fact that I’ve been broke so long that I’m not used to charity.  So, cool…first African American president. That’s also awesome.

I guess it’s the excitement that I felt with Clinton. I just couldn’t get into it this time. Not for the life of me. Because if you think about it, I have my bf on one side. The die hard democrat. Then, my parents, my boss, and my sister on the other end, the die hard conservatives.  It makes you wonder why and how people got so excited. Me?

I’m just trying to get by. I’m trying just to get up in the morning and make sure that I get to work, my house looks okay, I look okay.

How people have the excitement, I don’t get it. I’m happy the election is over. I’m amazed at the ludicris and the idiocracy that this state of Maryland for voting for slots. I hate it. What a dumb vote. No one realized what it was really about.  No one quite understood the fact that it went into the constitution of the state. It was dumb. I’m disappointed Maryland! Disappointed!


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2 Responses to “Post Election Day Bliss”

  1. geekhiker Says:

    I think I know how you feel. I’m happy Obama won, as he was my choice, but I wasn’t dancing around the living room or anything. I think perhaps my joy was tempered by a couple of state measures that didn’t go the direction I was hoping they would…

  2. Typ0 Says:

    As a poli sci friend of mine commented, this election was more about the “cult of the pesonality” (think Caesar) than issues. Obama has some big time expectations to live up to and a very tall pedestal from which to plummet.

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