3 X Thursday

Special thanks to Missy because I had no idea what to write today!!

1. Are your parents still alive? If so, do you get along with them?
Yup, thankfully.
Yea, most of the time, I really do.

2. Do your parents live close? Why/why not?
Yup. I’ve always been a big chicken when this comes up. I’m big on having my parents around. I was pretty protected when I was a kid (for obvious health reasons) and because of that, I’ve never stirred too far. I think I’ll go if bf ever figures out what he’s doing and whether or not I’m a part of it.

3. Name one thing valuable that your parents taught you. Why did you choose this?
Remarkably, that it’s okay to be different. I was difficult to be around when I was in high school. That part of my life changed me forever. I still think to a certain extent me getting on crutches when I was 15 has made me the person I am today….good or bad. But, my parents have always taken the stance that it’s not a bad thing. So, cool. You’re cool with it, so am I.


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2 Responses to “3 X Thursday”

  1. Typ0 Says:

    I have to admit that i’m jealous you live near your parents. I haven’t spent a christmas with my family since echo and i were married. I only see them once year (if i’m lucky). There are times i really wish i could go home for dinner or have my family near by. 🙂

  2. geekhiker Says:

    Seems sometimes there aren’t a lot of people who make it to adulthood having good relations with the folks. I’m lucky to have with mine, as you are with yours. 🙂

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