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Photo curious of

Photo curious of

Okay, it’s got to be said.

I adored this movie.

In an effort to not give anything away, I have got to go through the talk I had with my sister, who although only 2 years older than I…hated the movie. I think to a certain extent you must realize the difference between her and I.

1. She’s got kids. I don’t.
2. She’s a mom, (see number 1) and thereby sees things differently.
3. She’s EXTREMELY practical.
4. Me being the more enthusiastic very dramatic one, took to this completely.

A couple critiques.
1. My sis was right in a sense that the makeup, especially on the older Cullens (Rosalie, Carlisle, Esme) was overdone to say the least. It needed to be toned down. Elizabeth Reaser was a horrific choice to play Esme. Her hair looked fake, her makeup made her face look fake, it was annoying.
2. I was a bit taken aback when I found out that they were going to cast Peter Facinelli (of Fastlane fame) was cast as Carlisle. He didn’t seem old enough, so they either hired actors to play the younger ones that were way too old, or he was just a smidge too young.
3. Victoria sucked. The woman that played her sucked. They BUTCHERED this character in the screenplay, and shame on Melissa Rosenberg for doing it. Now, what the worst part of it is that she’s likely to win some random award for it.
4. You know they have marketed this as the next Harry Potter series, given the clothing, bedding, art, and everything else that has been marketed. Twilight Saga has done their best for that, of which to a certain extent I am grateful. However, given that, it’s one of those things that I start to think ahead and go….New Moon will NOT make as much money. No one liked the book, why even bother?

On a side note a couple good things:
1. Robert Pattinson (of Harry Potter fame) was an extremely good pick for Edward, although I wasn’t too keep on Kristen Stewart (she was in Jumper) as Bella. She kind of made me ill. Billy Burke played a great role as Charlie, Bella’s father, and Taylor Lautner looks to have a good reprise as Jacob Black if New Moon does get released. Here’s the thing though, I think Kristen Stewart is probably the one actress in the entire movie who I don’t believe will be able to find a job after these movies. On the crest of her 18th birthday, not unlike Daniel Radcliffe, she may have stopped before she even began.

2. This movie did stay true to the story. It was the Mormon appearance of love, passion, and romance. That it’s not about dating but it’s immediately I love you, I trust you completely, I will die for you. I hate to disappoint those tweens that might stumble onto this…but that ain’t how life is.

All in all, I was extremely happy to see the movie, will go and see it next weekend with the bf. I’m excited for the bf visit and thanksgiving, I just wish that I didn’t have so much work ahead of me!!!


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4 Responses to “All Things Twilight”

  1. Typ0 Says:

    I gave into peer pressure! I caved! Yes, i borrowed a copy of Twilight and added it to my TBR list. Soon I too will be part of hte cult. :p

  2. Kara Says:

    For the record I didn’t hate it I just thought it was the silliest movie on the planet.

  3. cripkitty Says:


  4. Typ0 Says:

    If you’re looking for NaBloPoMo content filler, i tagged you over on my blog for a meme. 🙂

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