The Art of the LDR

Yes folks, the art of the long distance relationship is a difficult one. You end up getting frustrated with yourself, your partner, with everything else.

It’s been about 4 months out of 24, at the least. He deals with things in his typical way, he ignores it till it arrives. Money situations of course rise, and he doesn’t understand that I still find this to be a partnership. I would hope to a certain extent that he thinks the same thing.

So, I decided that I would throw a list together of my complications that I’ve run into, with the thought that if the few readers that I have would read would figure it out.

1. Remember that nothing has changed, despite what you think even though you aren’t there. Your instincts are typically always right.
2. Communication is key. Because you don’t have the benefit of the body language to work off of, it’s hard to be able to distinguish what he’s feeling or thinking. Talk, even if he won’t. Just keep talking. At some point the threshold gets hit, and he will start talking. It has been a lot of “what do you think dear?” That has helped us.
3. Your everyday is no longer exciting. Yes, that’s right. Although your sig other wants to hear about your life, you have got to admit that the everyday isn’t as thrilling as it used to be.
4. Work has and always will be work. People deal with things differently, and more often than not men don’t really care that your boss offended you yesterday. Women tend to be far more emotional and thereby the day to day is a bit more for lack of a better way of putting it dramatic.
5. Concern becomes very real. Especially for men that are often not quick to talk, if concern shows up, take it for what it is.

That’s my top 5 ladies and gents. I will continue the list in future posts, got any ideas for me?


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2 Responses to “The Art of the LDR”

  1. brokenmarionette Says:

    I, too, am suffering through a long-distance relationship at the moment, and this all sounds about right. ESPECIALLY the communication part. My fiance is very much one of those if-I-don’t-talk-about-it-then-it-will-go-away types, and it seems to complicate everything. I’ve found that if I just keep asking him what he’s thinking or feeling, then he will finally be honest with me.
    Thanks for the breakdown of how to keep an LDR going– I imagine I’ll keep referencing this page over the next few months. 🙂

  2. geekhiker Says:

    Only that it requires effort on the part of both parties. One person cannot support the relationship over both time and distance. Trust me.

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