Mafia Wars

Ummm…so I’ll admit it. I’m a facebooker. Although I had no real aggression towards their new Terms of Service (although it brings back bad memories of arguments I’ve had on another site, but that’s besides the point) I’ve got to tell ya.

I love Mafia Wars. I’m currently obsessed with the game, and it’s the next best thing to solitaire when instead of thinking about the protocol I really should be working on, I’m thinking about that. You can snuff people out, smuggle people over the border, all kinds of stuff. I’m intrigued. It’s different than the word games that I consistently lose at to my sis, It’s just fun. Totally lame, and wildly fun. This zynga group has got a true insight into what’s going on I tell ya. I don’t have a real mafia name yet, that I still need, but lots of fun I tell ya.

Real post later, just figured I’d let that be known.


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2 Responses to “Mafia Wars”

  1. geekhiker Says:

    I finally caved and signed up for a FB page. And I’ve discovered it totally doesn’t interest me. Haven’t even logged in in a week. Maybe this means there’s something deeply wrong with me…

  2. BobLansu Says: to, try to learn fast, get cheat code or tips from others.

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