I’ll Never Be a Cold Weather Baby…

So, my man has always had this vision that despite the climate that we will go to these exotic places and be these exotic people and share our knowledge of our respective subjects around the world. I let him sort of have this dream with the hopes that he will eventually get to the point that I’m at that a beach house by the bay would be nice. That 70 degrees every day despite it being January or June would also be nice. I haven’t quite gotten him there, but he’ll get there I tell ya he will!

It snowed about 5 inches in the Baltimore area today. Although it was nice to sleep in, and it was nice to get some work done here at home, I must admit that Atlantis commercial looks better and better the lack of warm weather and the more hot chocolate that I drink. I loved that my neighbor (I live in a building with a lot of nurses) goes, “You okay? You need a scraper?” as I’m struggling to clean the couple of inches of snow off my car. It’s funny as I’m going through stuff as much as I’m proud that I’m being so independent and so on part of me wonders when flipflops will come back into style.

So, in the end the only thing I can figure out is…any beach town university need a theoretical physicist? 🙂


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2 Responses to “I’ll Never Be a Cold Weather Baby…”

  1. geekhiker Says:

    Well, UC San Diego is looking for an assistant professor…



  2. Carol Says:

    It snowed here in Seattle yesterday, and THEN we had a 12-hour, wind-induced power outage! Yuk!! By the way, my injury was caused by a slip on the snow/ice. Also, here is a post about kayaking in Seattle: http://northwestladybug.blogspot.com/2008/06/kayaking-seattle-arboretum.html


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