Oh and by the way…

Be forewarned profound swearing in the following post.

I completely forgot. This fucktard of a sportscaster decided to diss my town. So, here’s how we go: Colin Cowherd kiss my ass. The city of Baltimore has HUGE issues with not only with MLB and Peter Angelos. It’s not Bud Selig you nimrod, it’s Peter Angelos. Think about the AL East moron.

What do we have with the AL East? NY Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, us, and the Tampa Bay Rays. NY has had a history of winning, the Red Sox and the Rays have won World Series as of recent. The big rip about Mark Texieira?

Here’s the thing about Mark Texieira….Mark Texieira is born and raised in the city of Annapolis. The state capital of this state by the way. He has always stated in the variety of venues, excluding your show of course, that he would of course play for the Orioles if given the opportunity and the amount of money available was worthwhile. It wasn’t there, fine. He’s been booed for the past three days coming back to Baltimore and that in my opinion is how it should be. By dissing us for Boston, that wouldn’t be a big deal. For the Angels, no problem. He had to go to the place where everyone that’s born and raised within 50 miles of the city of Baltimore (which includes the now defunct Expos turned Nationals) knows is heathenous, the fucking New York goddamn Yankees. Yes we know it’s a rivalry that is one sided, no one gives a rat’s ass.

He’s a sell out. Hey, more power to him I say, you want to be a sell out go for it. But admit it. The NY Yankees have had a series of sellout players that panned out into nothing. Baltimore has a rich history of being a training ground for good players, per your example aka Miguel Tejada. So, Mr Cowherd, it’s gotta be said here.

Stay outta Charm City because there’s no Charm involved in your show. I listened to your one clip you piss pour piece of shit. You wanna talk about the Rust belt? Talk about “small cities”??? Until last year did you even BLINK at the Philadelphia Phillies? Nope, that’s right you didn’t. Guys like Chase Utley just came into their own two years ago. It’s a build up. It’s a restructure.

Don’t get me wrong, we know as O’s fans that we’re never gonna be the best in the world. But…let’s be honest, you’re so happy that Texieira punked out his hometown for the Yankees, where were they in the playoffs last year? Hmm? Anywhere?

Oh yeah, they weren’t.

And according to the most recent census: We’re 500,000 people behind Philadelphia. So, go talk about your “big” cities and kiss my ass.


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