Tales of a Wannabe Graduate School Dropout ~ Conflicting Issues for Women

As much as the whole recent events more than watching the weather tends to bother me, I had to bring up a certain instance that came up this weekend that threw me into such a frenzy that I didn’t quite know what to do.

Dr. George Tiller, a physician performing legal abortions in Wichita KS was killed on Sunday as he was walking into church. He was targeted as one of the few physicians in this country that can legally perform late-term abortions. Have I said the word legal enough? So, here’s what I think and so if you’re ready to flame this blog, be forewarned that I’ll just delete your comment.

Yup, that’s right, I’ll delete it.

So, here goes: Do I agree with women that seek out late-term abortions not because they medically need them but because they want them? No. Do I agree with late term abortions in general? No. But, given the fact that Roe v. Wade is still considered a case that’s over…yes folks, it’s over…
…than I can’t take a choice away from another woman. I don’t believe that my Catholic upbringing makes me obligated to be pro-life. I think my Catholic upbringing says for one thing…it says that I have to open my heart and allow the free will that God gave us needs to be used in an applicable manner.
Like it drives me crazy when people ask me constantly how I can rationalize my biological scientific background and being Catholic. I don’t think they have to be counter intuitive. It’s a hard situation where I can’t really voice. It’s a hard situation. All I know is this: It’s not the Catholic thing to do to MURDER someone while they are on their way to church. MURDER isn’t Catholic. Whether you believe that abortion is murder, that’s fine that’s your choice. But to hell and high water if I think that it’s okay that someone who is out there supporting the rights and privileges of women be killed because of doing that.

Rest in peace Dr. Tiller. Thank you for supporting the rights of women.


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One Response to “Tales of a Wannabe Graduate School Dropout ~ Conflicting Issues for Women”

  1. Typ0 Says:

    Great post in its entirety!

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