Tales of a Wannabe Graduate Student ~ Reasons to stay, and reasons to go…

So, the saga continues, and it looks now that my focus has to completely change. The interesting thing is that there are times that I just want to quit school. I think that’s why I started this column and called it what I did.

So, as it stands I have:
1. A method that I’ve worked on for 2+ years that doesn’t work.
2. 8,000 ideas of what to do instead of it.
3. I need to finish it so that I know that for sure it’s not going to work.
4. A fiancee that’s in Chicago that’s taking a lot of my shit. I’ll admit it, he is. But, his graduate work was a bit different than mine.

I just don’t know what to do next. I’m so angry I could just spit.

On an upswing, for those of you that remember what my family went through during the summer last year, the guy plead guilty. I hope he gets sentenced for a long long time. Check the Laurel Leader for followups. If there was anything that would make me stay and finish this out, it’s odd…it’s that entire situation.
Why do you say? I don’t know, perhaps it was the pull that the forensic work that was performed. To stay in trace evidence was something that just pulled me even more now that I’ve been personally affected by it.

Sorry it seems strange. It’s been a bad time recently.


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One Response to “Tales of a Wannabe Graduate Student ~ Reasons to stay, and reasons to go…”

  1. geekhiker Says:

    I’ve been (am?) there with the frustration. Sometimes I just wish I’d hit it big in the lottery so I could retire to some tropical isle…

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