OMG!! Rumor has it, 23rd Season in DC!

That’s right folks, for the obsessive compulsive reality show person that I am…the one that I really watch is the Real World. Welp, just in time for the beginning of the Real World Cancun the filming is starting in DC for the Real World: DC. Shocker. When the previous mayor was in town, there was no way they could get into town, but who knew that Adrian Curry would turn Dupont Circle into a debauchery.

So bring on the drama!!! Hopefully it will bring money to the badly needed District of Columbia. The next closer reality show, other than Duff of course, is Jon and Kate…and I wouldn’t call that a good one.


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One Response to “OMG!! Rumor has it, 23rd Season in DC!”

  1. geekhiker Says:

    Heh, heh. I’m old enough to remember when that show was closer to real life. You know, when those kids had to go out and get JOBS! LOL

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