Empire Records ~ Perfect Cure for the Angsty Wannabe Graduate Student

Had to add this in tonight because after having a terribly angsty day it was a great time to know that I could just sit back and watch Empire Records on Fuse. I will admit that I’m paying the extra $3 a month but still. I’ve been so out of it recently with things going wrong at work, trying to plan a wedding, etc.

I will never forget feeling like I was Renee Zellweger in that movie (one of her first!) or Liv Tyler, or the chickie that played Debra. I will never forget thinking at how great it would be to work in a record store, and how interesting it was to listen to music all day long. This movie for me made it okay to listen to Lush, Elastica, Blur, and the Cure. My friends on #altmusic knew that. I would have never sought them out had it not been movies like this, and Heathers. When somehow it was acceptable to not be in a group and know a lot of people with a few really close friends as opposed to liking “everyone”. It was interesting, tonight I realized that “Joe” in the movie is probably my age…

So, go check it out. Empire Records.


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One Response to “Empire Records ~ Perfect Cure for the Angsty Wannabe Graduate Student”

  1. tom Says:

    love that movie.

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