The CP Beatings, Data Collection, and an Open Letter to Peter Angelos

Okay so it’s blowing up the news casts about this kid in College Park that got beat by police officers after the Duke/Maryland game because he was “kicking the horses” and that’s why he was beaten senseless. Go here if you’re interested in seeing the story that was on the news today. While this happened over a month ago, this is making national news because of the release of the video.

Not that I advocate the riot police’s behavior, but Rt. 1 after a Duke game, especially after one where we (and I say we because I’m still a terp) won is crazy. Now, a brief explanation for those that aren’t familiar with the Maryland tradition of rioting. This guy got it right when he said that the riots of this year are close to the riots of 2002. But, let me express something for someone who went to Maryland in 2002. The police were unprepared for the true melee that occurred when we won the national championship. I would like to say I was part of it, but being laid up with a fractured elbow means that you’re lucky to be able to move much less jump on lamp posts. The true excitement that we finally finished first started a tradition of riots and crowds in the streets that leads me to one conclusion.

The University of Maryland was founded in 1856, and the city of College Park largely grew up as the campus grew and expanded. Riverdale, Greenbelt, even areas as far as Landover have benefited from the University being placed where it is. With that being said, Rt. 1 is a major highway from north to south that is still used today. It is a major shell shock (pun intended) when the riots occur…because of traffic.

The riot gear has remained a mainstay during basketball season in the College Park police station. This poor fellow McKenna got caught up in a mess that he couldn’t handle and ended up with a gash, contusions, and a concussion. My guess is that he was belligerent to the cops and they went after him. Make it right what the cops did? Nope. Just sayin’.

Meanwhile, on the data collection front, things are going swimmingly. Nuff said there.

Dear Mr. Angelos-
As a long standing Orioles fan I must say for shame. It’s been a long time Mr. Angelos, a long time. I’d like to be one of the few that actually welcome you into the 21st Century with a brief history. I’ve been an Orioles fan since the 1982 year shortly after Cal Ripken joined the team. I’m a loyal hometown fan, I’m sure you wouldn’t know being from Pittsburgh as the Pirates haven’t had a good season since…what did that T-shirt say? 1992? Oh yeah… a year before you bought the O’s. Now, don’t get me wrong, I recognize the many works you’ve done for your Alum as well as for the rest of the city. I get that.

I was all behind you when you refused to sell the naming right to Camden Yards, I said way to go Angelos.

Then you hit your lowest attendance record in the 15 years of Camden Yards. So, I looked up a bit of statistics. We’re 1-7 this year boss. 1-7 is the worst record we’ve started out with in the history that I’ve been watching the O’s, and that’s close to 30 years. We ended the year last year with an average batting average of .268 which even the beloved Cubs did better than that. We’re heading lower and lower every year, and with the Tejada factor…well, here’s what I propose.

Sell the team. Please. I beg you. Either sell the team or get the f*ck out of the ballpark and leave the real coaching, hiring and firing decisions to the people that know the game and aren’t litigators. Before you go rambling to me about how we’re outmatched in the AL East…I’ve got one example for you. Just one. And their name…I’ll even link the page for you because I’m so nice…

The Tampa Bay Rays. We can’t win for losing! This town is dying to remain a baseball town. We’ve fallen in love with our beloved Baltimore Ravens we wanna fall in love with the O’s again. We really do. The poster of Markakis is really inspirational.

It’s not putting people in the seats because we suck. If Cal Ripken offers you money for the team again…take it. Please. Give it to someone that can actually handle the team the way they should be.


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