Me Me Me!!

About me!
I’m a 31 year old young woman, doing her best in the rough world of science. I’m now entering my 3rd year of a PhD studying analytical toxicology at UMBC. The reality of the situation is that I’m a student that the University of Maryland, Baltimore. I am also a lover of science, chemistry, biology, and a member of Alpha Chi Sigma . I am constantly tired, but listen to music, and am a HUGE fan of romantic movies, and television. Especially reality television. A huge Maryland Basketball fan…you’ll often find me following NASCAR as well. I am an avid follower of politics, especially those dedicated to how science and education are regulated and funded.

* I hate stupid people, they make me crazy.
* I absolutely believe that people that are mean and cruel….will get what’s coming to them.
* I would love to see Osama Bin Laden in the USA, so that he can get shot.
* My favorite color is red.
* I’m allergic to cats and hate em. I will be nice to your cat because they are animals and I dig animals. I will talk about it behind your back. Guaranteed.

* I’m addicted to reality television. (exception is American Idol..can’t stand that show)
* If I said that I had a favorite TV show, it would be that it was Vincent Donofrio and Law and Order: CI. I loved the show Twin Peaks.
* David Lynch is and always will be up there as the top directors ever! Next is John Waters.
* There are often times I am found quoting Twin Peaks, and no one gets it. *ugh* Kids these days.

* I think that Orlando Bloom and Paul Walker are up there in the most beautiful men on the planet. They also have a great cars, and what I wouldn’t give to have them for an evening….
* I am a registered Independent. No that doesn’t mean I’m really a Republican, not it doesn’t mean that I’m a Democrat, it means that I refuse to pick sides.
* My favorite flower is the rose and hibiscus.
* I KNOW O.J. did it.

*I’m a drama queen, yup yup I know it.

* People that fly on a skateboard, make it easier for a gal like me to be on crutches on a daily basis.

* Jake Brown fell 45 feet, and lived to tell the tale. If I could only be that adventurous.

* If you don’t know Tony, Bam, Bucky, Greg Lutzka, Ryan Scheckler, and Paul Rodriguez, along with Kelly Slater, you probably are reading the wrong blog.

* I’m in the great city of Baltimore, and I love it, honest….but wouldn’t it be great if there was a beach nearby?

* Help a skater, save the police the trouble.


3 Responses to “Me Me Me!!”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Jake Brown fell 45 ft. and lived to tell the tale and still throw back the drinks.

  2. cripkitty Says:

    Thank you for the correction Sandy! I fixed it!

  3. Andrew Ratner Says:

    I write a column on blogging for the Baltimore Sun and wanted to do something on NaBloPoMo — National Blog Posting Month. You may have launched the Maryland group on this last year. Was curious to know if you plan to participate next month or, if not, could speak about last year’s experience. If I have the right person and you’re interested, let me know a good time to reach you this week.
    Andrew Ratner
    Features editor
    The Baltimore Sun
    501 N. Calvert Street
    Baltimore, MD 21278
    p: 410-332-6012

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