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The CP Beatings, Data Collection, and an Open Letter to Peter Angelos

April 14, 2010

Okay so it’s blowing up the news casts about this kid in College Park that got beat by police officers after the Duke/Maryland game because he was “kicking the horses” and that’s why he was beaten senseless. Go here if you’re interested in seeing the story that was on the news today. While this happened over a month ago, this is making national news because of the release of the video.

Not that I advocate the riot police’s behavior, but Rt. 1 after a Duke game, especially after one where we (and I say we because I’m still a terp) won is crazy. Now, a brief explanation for those that aren’t familiar with the Maryland tradition of rioting. This guy got it right when he said that the riots of this year are close to the riots of 2002. But, let me express something for someone who went to Maryland in 2002. The police were unprepared for the true melee that occurred when we won the national championship. I would like to say I was part of it, but being laid up with a fractured elbow means that you’re lucky to be able to move much less jump on lamp posts. The true excitement that we finally finished first started a tradition of riots and crowds in the streets that leads me to one conclusion.

The University of Maryland was founded in 1856, and the city of College Park largely grew up as the campus grew and expanded. Riverdale, Greenbelt, even areas as far as Landover have benefited from the University being placed where it is. With that being said, Rt. 1 is a major highway from north to south that is still used today. It is a major shell shock (pun intended) when the riots occur…because of traffic.

The riot gear has remained a mainstay during basketball season in the College Park police station. This poor fellow McKenna got caught up in a mess that he couldn’t handle and ended up with a gash, contusions, and a concussion. My guess is that he was belligerent to the cops and they went after him. Make it right what the cops did? Nope. Just sayin’.

Meanwhile, on the data collection front, things are going swimmingly. Nuff said there.

Dear Mr. Angelos-
As a long standing Orioles fan I must say for shame. It’s been a long time Mr. Angelos, a long time. I’d like to be one of the few that actually welcome you into the 21st Century with a brief history. I’ve been an Orioles fan since the 1982 year shortly after Cal Ripken joined the team. I’m a loyal hometown fan, I’m sure you wouldn’t know being from Pittsburgh as the Pirates haven’t had a good season since…what did that T-shirt say? 1992? Oh yeah… a year before you bought the O’s. Now, don’t get me wrong, I recognize the many works you’ve done for your Alum as well as for the rest of the city. I get that.

I was all behind you when you refused to sell the naming right to Camden Yards, I said way to go Angelos.

Then you hit your lowest attendance record in the 15 years of Camden Yards. So, I looked up a bit of statistics. We’re 1-7 this year boss. 1-7 is the worst record we’ve started out with in the history that I’ve been watching the O’s, and that’s close to 30 years. We ended the year last year with an average batting average of .268 which even the beloved Cubs did better than that. We’re heading lower and lower every year, and with the Tejada factor…well, here’s what I propose.

Sell the team. Please. I beg you. Either sell the team or get the f*ck out of the ballpark and leave the real coaching, hiring and firing decisions to the people that know the game and aren’t litigators. Before you go rambling to me about how we’re outmatched in the AL East…I’ve got one example for you. Just one. And their name…I’ll even link the page for you because I’m so nice…

The Tampa Bay Rays. We can’t win for losing! This town is dying to remain a baseball town. We’ve fallen in love with our beloved Baltimore Ravens we wanna fall in love with the O’s again. We really do. The poster of Markakis is really inspirational.

It’s not putting people in the seats because we suck. If Cal Ripken offers you money for the team again…take it. Please. Give it to someone that can actually handle the team the way they should be.


Oh and by the way…

April 9, 2009

Be forewarned profound swearing in the following post.

I completely forgot. This fucktard of a sportscaster decided to diss my town. So, here’s how we go: Colin Cowherd kiss my ass. The city of Baltimore has HUGE issues with not only with MLB and Peter Angelos. It’s not Bud Selig you nimrod, it’s Peter Angelos. Think about the AL East moron.

What do we have with the AL East? NY Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, us, and the Tampa Bay Rays. NY has had a history of winning, the Red Sox and the Rays have won World Series as of recent. The big rip about Mark Texieira?

Here’s the thing about Mark Texieira….Mark Texieira is born and raised in the city of Annapolis. The state capital of this state by the way. He has always stated in the variety of venues, excluding your show of course, that he would of course play for the Orioles if given the opportunity and the amount of money available was worthwhile. It wasn’t there, fine. He’s been booed for the past three days coming back to Baltimore and that in my opinion is how it should be. By dissing us for Boston, that wouldn’t be a big deal. For the Angels, no problem. He had to go to the place where everyone that’s born and raised within 50 miles of the city of Baltimore (which includes the now defunct Expos turned Nationals) knows is heathenous, the fucking New York goddamn Yankees. Yes we know it’s a rivalry that is one sided, no one gives a rat’s ass.

He’s a sell out. Hey, more power to him I say, you want to be a sell out go for it. But admit it. The NY Yankees have had a series of sellout players that panned out into nothing. Baltimore has a rich history of being a training ground for good players, per your example aka Miguel Tejada. So, Mr Cowherd, it’s gotta be said here.

Stay outta Charm City because there’s no Charm involved in your show. I listened to your one clip you piss pour piece of shit. You wanna talk about the Rust belt? Talk about “small cities”??? Until last year did you even BLINK at the Philadelphia Phillies? Nope, that’s right you didn’t. Guys like Chase Utley just came into their own two years ago. It’s a build up. It’s a restructure.

Don’t get me wrong, we know as O’s fans that we’re never gonna be the best in the world. But…let’s be honest, you’re so happy that Texieira punked out his hometown for the Yankees, where were they in the playoffs last year? Hmm? Anywhere?

Oh yeah, they weren’t.

And according to the most recent census: We’re 500,000 people behind Philadelphia. So, go talk about your “big” cities and kiss my ass.

Playing the blame game: Clemens testifies before Congress

February 14, 2008

What a chaotic place DC has become! Yes yes folks, Clemens showed up on Capitol Hill yesterday with his accuser, Brian McNamee.  He emphatically denied that he used ANY performance enhancing drugs, or HGH.  He did admit that his wife was injected with HGH for a photo shoot in 2003.  His best bud, Andy Pettitte, came out and said that Clemens did tell him he used HGH. Clemens retorted with, “He must have misremembered the situation.”

For someone that has supported Clemens the entire road, it’s getting harder and harder to believe. Elijah Cummings, a democrat from right here in Maryland stated yesterday, “You know, you’re a true hero of mine, and I don’t quite know even with that if I can believe you.”  It disheartens me. It makes me sad. What does he benefit from lying? The Hall of Fame? He’s going there anyway. Unless it comes down that he’s part of the steroid controversy, but let’s be honest, Barry Bonds will likely go into the Hall of Fame, steroids or not.

So, McNamee came out with bloodied gauze and syringes that he says he used on Clemens, and proves that Clemens in lying.  Well, where the heck has this stuff been?? Just sitting in your house waiting for this deposition Brian??? Cmon.  I am interested in the results from that testing, is all I have to say there.

It comes down to a straight he said/he said game. I’m tired of it. Represenative Waxman had it right. Either McNamee is lying and he’s ruined Clemens career, or Clemens is lying, and he joins the ranks of McGwire and Palmeiro who said that they weren’t in front of Congress to talk about the “past”. I think the best quote from yesterday was, “It’s better not to talk about the past than it is to lie about the past.” Ain’t that the truth.

Truth be told, this has smeared the reputation of baseball. It has smeared how players are seen in fans eyes, and for me, I truly think that’s terrible. Not that we have much to root for here in Baltimore with Bedard heading to Seattle, but it makes you not want to watch the game. With so much controversy of cheating, the money, it’s all a bit too much for this baseball fan.

Is there truly a smoking syringe?

February 7, 2008

Yes folks, the saga of steroids and baseball continues because the Rocket has made his way to DC. He had several meetings today, including with MD Democrat Elijah Cummings (go Bmore go!). He spoke briefly with people outside the meeting, and was open saying that he was ready for next Wednesday, the open meeting with the committee to testify on his part of the Mitchell Report and steroids saga.

Elijah Cummings wanted to make sure that Clemens held true to his role model image. Meanwhile, McNamee arrived for his deposition, didn’t talk to reporters, we heard today that he and his lawyers turned over a syringe that had Clemens’ blood on it, from a supposed injection. Then, the Justice Department said this evidence was from 2000, then from 2001.  What of McNamee’s lawyers said that he wanted to make sure the case didn’t stay a “he-said, she said”.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. That’s all the Mitchell Report was. It’s not like former Senator Mitchell went to baseball players. He went to trainers. He went to people that he suspected could give him background information, and they named names. He didn’t do any real investigation.  Clemens apparently spent 5 hours under oath, profusely denying that he used ANY performance enhancing drugs.  McNamee said that he’d hold a press conference after his deposition.

Who do you think is telling the truth??? The guy that said what he said under oath or the other guy???

*dramatic music* The Saga Continues, Mitchell testifies, players told to stay home…for now…

January 10, 2008

So, if things couldn’t get any better in this steroid testing mess, the Congressional hearing that was originally scheduled for January 16th (that’s next week for those of us calendar challenged) has been pushed back for some, and not for others.  It was delayed till next month largely to allow them to investigate further, so they don’t get their panties in a knot for no reason I guess.

*ugh* Enough.  Let’s be honest folks. Roger Clemens may be dumb, but he isn’t stupid. There’s a deposition this week with him, his lawyer, and the Justice Department, and if he lies to them, he’s in major trouble, and that’s not just a baseball term.  He’s going to spill his guts, because he’ll have to, or risk the venue of public scrutiny, which let’s be honest, he’s losing in right now.  So, the players, and Brian McNamee, they are going to go before this Justice Department board before they decide that it’s “okay” for them to testify before Congress.

For those of you that don’t remember, McNamee is the same guy that said that he injected Clemens with HGH (or Human Growth Hormone for those not in the know) and steroids in 98, ’00, and ’01.  Clemens, per my last post, have vehemently denied this, and also called McNamee a liar on countless occasions. McNamee wants immunity from the House Oversight and Government Reform committee before he testifies, and Clemens has never wanted that. Me??? McNamee is guilty as sin, and he’s a liar.  I think it’s funny that House Oversight and Government Reform that’s a funny name.  But, that’s besides the point.

So, we now have Pettitte who’s coming in, Clemens, and McNamee. They said they wanted to make sure that it was truly about steroids and it wasn’t about Clemens.

Puh-lease people.  Let’s get realistic.  It’s going to the Roger Clemens show for one and only reason. He will make it that way. Why? He’s a superstar, that’s how it goes…no…honest…it’s because he needs to win in the venue of public opinion. We’ll see what happens.

Keep your vote, how do I keep proving a negative? Roger Clemens, denial, and defamation

January 8, 2008

Between 60 Minutes and a new press conference, Brian Mcafee now has the Rocket Roger Clemens on his tail. I must admit when this whole steroids mess started, I knew that not only would it knock the baseball world on it’s noggin, but it would also knock the testing world on it’s noggin. We now have to make sure the world knows that those of us in the testing community truly are the best of the best, and we can’t be making mistakes such as those made in France by the testing facility for the Tour de France. Yes you heard it here folks, the French didn’t quite get it right if you ask this chemist. But, that’s just me.

Yes, folks, Clemens came out today and said in a press conference that he filed suit against his former trainer Brian McNafee for defamation in relationship to the information that came out in the Mitchell Report.  He spent a good amount of the hour that he was doing this press conference, “did you do steroids,” “what do you think of petitte”. He was there for one reason folks, to defend the reputation that he fought really hard to get that is now being destroyed. He has speaking engagements that are now getting canceled due to this steroids mess. I got to admit it was a bit sad to watch.

Here’s the thing with this. I watched baseball before the strike, I watched it after. I watched the Sammy Sosa/Mark McQuire going after Maris’s record, as well as Barry Bonds chasing Ruth’s records. You want to know what I think? When Palmeiro got booed, yes booed out of Baltimore, he knew that it was his fault. First, you don’t inject illegal substances, and second, you don’t indict your friends.  At the time Miguel Tejada was one if not the best hitter that Baltimore had seen in a while.  We were remembering the days of old of Eddie Murray, and the Ripkens.  At the time, Clemens was doing well in Boston, and it was before he made his voyages to Toronto, Houston, and the Yankees.  He’s a strong pitcher, and his stats show it.  When the LA Times reported that he did steroids, I said, “Not Roger, no way.”

Now, it looks as if I might have actually been right.  With Andy Petitte, Miguel Tejada, Eric Gagne, and others have all been written into the Mitchell Report, what Clemens has done is he has said, I refuse to judge my fellow players, but I worked my butt off. He said that he felt bad for Bonds, and I believe that.  He can take you Curt, sorry to say it Mr. Schilling, but he can, and being that you learned from the best, I would hope that you could handle that hit to your ego.

My point of this entire matter is this.  I’m tired of the ongoing they totally did this, they totally did that. We gave credence to Marion Jones, and we got burned, I am right there with you. But you know what? She gave the medal back. As she should have.  Petitte came out and said that he used HGH after surgery on his shoulder. Fine.  I don’t agree with it, but whatever.  Miguel has been keeping quiet, and this town is vindictive, so I’m sure he’s happy to just be out of an Orioles uniform.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that this testing thing needs to get resolved. You can either use HGH or you can’t. You can either use steroids, or you can’t. Give the players guidelines, clear and concise guidelines to what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Roger Clemens has said time and time again, that he’s done. He’s done because he was flat out asked if he did anything, and the answer over and over again was no.  If there were proper guidelines, this mess may have been prevented.

Maybe we could save Roger some money that way.

The Mitchell Report: Tejada, Vaughn, Gagne, De Luca, Clemens, Giambi all named…

December 13, 2007

As I sit trying to finish my take home exam, George Mitchell is offering a news conference based on his independent investigation on steroids in baseball.

Accordingly to the Players Union, he has now investigated and said that he doesn’t want to have disciplinary action to people that have already violated the steroid use rules, except in the fact that it was so bad.

Guess Mark McGwire has more problems than he thought.  He’s right when he said that currently players were using drugs anywhere from 2 to 9 years ago. There’s been quite an upheaval in the drug testing programs…and it even encompassed the Cleveland Indians, who at the time were in the World Series.  But, here in Baltimore, we never thought Tejada was doing anything either.

Mitchell was very quick to say there were tons of dealers, users, and there were constantly people using back and forth from BALCO to recuperation centers.  It’s a 409 page report, which believe me I plan to read after my finals.  My goodness, the Senate Minority Leader…goodness. How has Major League Baseball gotten to this point?

Mitchell has said countless times, it’s time to make sure that there is a fresh start, that the fans don’t need  to see disciplinary action, they need to see a fresh new start, with a good strong, drug testing programs, allowing for disciplinary action in the future for future violations.  I must admit that  even as Mitchell professes that there was all kinds of speculation as to who and what were in the report. I knew that Tejada would be named. Palmeiro, Sosa, and McGwire would probably be named as well.

Okay Minority Leader Mitchell…we know that widespread use of steroids in MLB was rampant, all that this is doing is allowing that its open to the public now. The random drug testing program is effective? That’s good. But, what will prevent you from doing HGH? Yup, nothing.

So…did these people cheat? Yea, they did. But, you know what? Did they really? No…no one was testing them when it was being done. 9 years ago was 4 years after the strike. There was nothing that could put fans in seats. So, when you get the enthusiasm and excitement back with Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa, then illegal use of steroids has now allowed fans in seats.  The commissioner was smart to go through to write this report….yes I agree with that. However, now you have told the fans that their favorite players are cheaters.

Do people honestly care? If it wasn’t any other sport….I would totally say no.  But, this report reaches from the NY Yankees, the Dodgers, the Mets, the San Fransisco Giants, the Dodgers, the Astros, and the Orioles. God knows who else.  This report says that performance enhancement drugs  have been a 2 decade problem.  What gets me is that it’s now about moving on…

If….and that’s huge…if this wasn’t America’s game, and America’s past time, this would be a relative non-issue. The National Football League didn’t have congressional hearings when they started their random drug testing, it gently moved on without issue. He says over and over again,

“But it is now time to look to the future, to get on with the important and difficult task that lies ahead. Everyone involved in Major League Baseball should join in a wellplanned, well-executed, and sustained effort to bring the era of steroids and human growth hormone to an end and to prevent its recurrence in some other form in the future. That is the only way this cloud will be removed from the game. The adoption of the recommendations set forth in this report will be a first step in that direction.

Senator Mitchell will not put on any one person.  He has named numerous club officials, and has stated in this press conference that owners, commissioners, general managers, players, and colleagues are all at fault for either looking the other way, or for allowing this illegal use to occur. He has blatently said that he refuses to figure that others aren’t allowed to be in the Hall of Fame (ex. Mark McGwire) due to steroid suspicion.  That’s not his decision.  He gives the impression that he might be a principal owner, but I haven’t found that anywhere.

As a fan, I have to say…I’m disappointed. But, 20 months and 20 million dollars….and it’s over.  It’s time to move on.  It’s time to get past this. Move onto the game during spring training, and opening day.  I don’t believe that we need to have huge disciplinary action.  I think that the recommendations for the random testing advances are a good thing.  If baseball wants to continue to profit from the fans, they need to end this as soon as possible.

Major League Baseball is due to respond this afternoon. It should be good…and I’m interested to see what happens.

Special thanks to MSNBC…, and ESPN for the research due to this article.