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Still having it, Michael Vick, and moving on…

August 16, 2009

So, I initially really got knee deep back into this blog because my now fiancee was moving and I needed something to essentially take my mind off of him being so far away. Now that I have friends that are finishing their PhD’s (and are no longer wannabe graduate students, but actual legit docs); I’m starting to realize that a lot of what this blog means to me, is that everything that has ever been stuck in my brain is allowed a place to release, take flight, and say screw it.

Like my soon to be father in law, he doesn’t get it, it doesn’t make sense to him why have a blog, why write it all down? To me, in my mind, that seems like a real simpleton type view. That you’re just not complex enough to do things.

So, alas…my girl Kristen is moving. She’s a local like me, has lived here her entire life like me, she finished her PhD and is moving to Richmond. As much as I’m sad for her to go, the night will be and always has been very interesting when she’s involved. Tonight was no different. We went out to Little Havana tonight for some goofing off, drinking, looking cute, and hanging out. Cute guy rolls in with his buds and some chickies and I gotta tell you, for someone that’s engaged, he was hot. Like wicked hot. I figured giving the Orioles jersey that he was local, and just was gazing, looking, enjoying the art of being female. So, it’s funny…I never EVER had this kind of nerve when I was single. But, given the fact that I had two single friends I was like screw it, if he comes over I’ll hide the ring and talk to him.

Then I thought…the guy would be kinda pist about this. So, I was straight up, he was of course disappointed, but he also gave the vibe of trying just a tad too hard. I’m sure that he was bummed that he got the nerve to talk to a chick and she’s engaged, but I gotta tell you that it felt good that I got a cute guy not only to compliment me (which he of course ruined later) but to hit on one of my friends till of course he screwed it up.

I was proud of myself, I couldn’t help but think, “I still got it.”

Meanwhile, Michael Vick was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles. As much as I have grown up as one of the fans of the two best teams in football, the Washington Redskins and the

Giants Win, Giants Win!!

February 4, 2008

After an entire season of watching the arrogant New England Patriots, and how disgustingly arrogant Tom Brady went back and forth the entire season swearing that the 19-0 season was a guarantee….

…yes folks…they lost.

Congrats Eli, Strahan, Tyrie, and the rest of the New York Giants, you truly deserve it.

Football, my take, and Jessica Simpson

December 22, 2007

As I sit and celebrate my bf’s birthday, I find myself giggling at Good Morning America’s story this morning, leading their broadcast…

….Jessica Simpson. Yes folks, it seems that Jessica went all the way to Dallas to support her new man, and Tony Romo, the leading quarterback for “America’s team” the Dallas Cowboys, had some of had one of his worst games in a while. Terrell Owens, the NFL’s bad boy stated that it was because of her that Romo did so poorly.

Has this country gotten to the point that news is sooo slow that we aren’t talking about Iraq, the election in 08, we have now decided that the best news of the day is that Jessica Simpson has now been a source of ruin for the Dallas Cowboys?

Now, as a born Redskin fan, I must admit that any distraction is a worthwhile one for the Cowboys. The website has reported that they now have full on Jessica cut-outs that will be in the stands for the last two games against the Panthers and the Redskins for the end of the season. This should be a hoot…

Happy Holidays everyone! Perhaps the Redskins might win their last game after all. Hail to the Redskins!