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A touch of innocence…the Real World invades Washington DC…

January 4, 2010

So, as I have spent the holidays off and not really doing anything except wedding stuff, I should probably add a brief introduction into this blog before I go into my new focus. What’s my new focus you ask?

The Real World.

Not the “real” Real World, the television show. MTV hooked up with Bunim-Murray productions back in 1992 ( I know that might seem like ancient times for some of my readers) and started this process and is now I think in their 23rd season.  While I’ve been there since the beginning (Yes yes, the first new York season), I’ve got to admit that I can’t bring myself to give it up and walk away from it. Even while I suffered through Cancun (and that’s putting it gently), my take out Chinese doesn’t even do justice to the debauchery that these 20 somethings have gotten into in seasons from Las Vegas to Hawaii, to Seattle to Boston. In my ever continuing 30 something rebellion, I’ve got to admit my continued theory that those who consider themselves “rebels” in their teens and 20 somethings are just trying to re-make what we all did when we were in the 90s.

But, I digress. So, I’ve decided to start a new series in this blog. The Real World invasion of DC.  I’m not going to lie, I’m a 30 something juggernaut that has lived in the DC/Baltimore area my entire life. I have very real pre-conceived notions about the Real World, DC, and Baltimore in general. I’m not going to lie in wait and just hope that MTV figures out that they either are or are not right on these things. I don’t honestly care if they think I’m right or not, I’m merely a locals perspective of how things are going.

So, here goes. The first episode always encompasses the introductions, “oh I love the city” blah blah blah. The excitement of the cast coming to DC not withstanding, it was neat how they encompassed the city. The South Market, the Tidal Basin, Union Station, these are the norm that are seen in a different light when broadcast so broadly. They all flew into Reagan National Airport, which is expected, crossing the Key and Memorial Bridge, but in a shocker that I didn’t realize…

…there are local players in this version of our faithful Real World. Yes folks, not only is there someone from Baltimore, but there’s a guy from Philly as well. So, as the locals tell them what’s what…it will be interesting to see the perspective of someone that grew up so close yet so far away. Baltimore, especially the West Baltimore that Ty is from, is worlds away from Washington, same goes for the Philly that Josh is from. Both are now educated, fighting off the “mean” streets that Ty compares more to the “Wire” than to home.
There’s your token religion issue that arises very early in the 1st episode, and in a freak of nature, there’s a lot of boy/girl combinations in the rooms. While I can appreciate trying to be different, I was grateful to see Callie, the small town girl from Texas, and Erika, the rocker from the Windy City, *shout to Chi-town!* decided that their guy roommates were too much.

Then of course, and I’m sure that he’ll be happy to read this…there’s got to be said about Andrew. What a tool. His pictures are like at Metro Center. Hehehe. Denver suburbs must produce a lot of these freakterds around here. My repulsion for this guy is predominantly because there’s a lot of people that come to this town like this. The politically incorrect trying to be Bill Maher with a little bit of Ben Stein. Crazy.

So, stay tuned. The Real World invades DC will take place once a week. 🙂


An Update of Sorts Part II…or Three…or whatever it is.

May 27, 2009

So, I will admit in the past two weeks I have been bad with updating. Things have been hectic, crazy, and busy, but delightfully so. I am currently in the process of finishing my research proposal and although I really wish that it could be done sooner rather than later, I’m back at the bench fixing all the problems that were created because I took sometime to write.

A bit of good news and words on everything that’s been going on in the media, life, etc.

My 5th anniversary came and went with some fantastic news. I went out to Chicago, we had a great weekend me and my hunny, and we got engaged. I was SHOCKED. Like blown away surprised, ecstatic actually. It was a night to remember and I am forever grateful to my sweetie for giving it to me. That being said, there’s currently no plans in the works for the wedding as I’m in the midst of proposal planning above.

Okay, so a few current events:
Ann Coulter can suck it for all I care, I don’t really like the woman. She was on Good Morning America today talking about the Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. I gotta tell you despite your political affiliation, it’s interesting to watch that stuff because between her and James Carville, well I have to tell you that the Southern gentleman of James Carville wins out everytime for me. Sotomayor’s nomination is only a day old and people are already giving her the nod like it doesn’t have to go through a process. I’m all for Obama, I think he’s doing a decent job, but cmon. I’m applauding his choice, but something seems fishy to me.

Onto yes your favorite family and mine…
Jon and Kate Plus 8 premiered their 5th season this Monday, and then rebroadcasted again last night. I was grateful that my girl Missy called because if that isn’t a train wreck I don’t know what is. I’ll admit it, I used to watch the show. The kids are cute, and it’s an interesting look at people trying to take care of sextuplets as well as two twin girls. Now, initially, it really was interesting, a good perspective, they aren’t that far north of me being in Bucks County, PA. After all the media hype of Jon’s alleged affair and how they are starting to pull apart….well it’s just sad. I’m a huge fan of reality TV but then there’s train wreck TV. From reports that I’ve read, there was visual hostility that instead of sitting in their favorite loveseat together, they were barely touching barely looking.

Kate, you’re my age. I know it’s a different lifestyle, you’re trying to take care of your family, your kids, your husband. But, other than your hairstyle, which isn’t terrible, you’ve got to give it up. Perhaps it’s time to walk away from TLC. Now, I know what you’re thinking. The Duggars have a very successful show, why can’t we?

You have your successful show. I hope that you guys have enough money at this point to at least attempt to start a nice college fund for the girls and the sextuplets, but for now…you’ve got to work on your marriage.

Just an outsider looking in. Oh, and on that note…shame on you TLC. Shame on you.

Meanwhile, a report out of Tampa Bay said that a suburban couple was arrested today of multiple counts of possession with the intention to distribute illegal steroids and the district is still ringing. The couple implicated both the Washington Capitals and Nationals in the bust, saying they had sold to key players on both teams. Now, let’s be honest. With the worst record in the Major Leagues right now…is anyone really worried about the Nationals and if they took steroids? Which I’ve got to admit, I highly doubt given their stupendous record. But, yup you guessed it…why the only team that has won in DC in a long time do you go after the beloved Caps?

Dick Patrick, president of the Washington Capitals came out vehemently against the allegation. I’m sure Ted Leonsis will do the same. I’m confident…for now. I’ve been disappointed before.

Helio Castroneves won the Indianapolis 500 the other day right after coming out from under accusations of alleged tax fraud charges. He was so happy he cried. His sister, mother, the entire family in tears. Danica Patrick finished 3rd.

Guess that’s it from here at home. I’ll be in and out for a while, I’ve been doing my best to stay sane. I’ll keep ya’ll updated.

Giants Win, Giants Win!!

February 4, 2008

After an entire season of watching the arrogant New England Patriots, and how disgustingly arrogant Tom Brady went back and forth the entire season swearing that the 19-0 season was a guarantee….

…yes folks…they lost.

Congrats Eli, Strahan, Tyrie, and the rest of the New York Giants, you truly deserve it.

Hulk Hogan Returns in the New Edition of American Gladiators

January 7, 2008

As the writers strike continues on, the new American Gladiators started tonight with Hulk Hogan and Leila Ali.  With a pro skater, and a New York City fire fighter, the men played in games including Hang Tough, the Pyramid, Powerball, the Hit and Run, and the Eliminator.  The Eliminator was not the one of old, it was one that was longer than what I remembered of old, and the gladiators were a lot lamer.

Although the gladiators could have replaced some Oakland Raiders, the steroids were rampant among some of the gladiators including Titan, Toma, and the Wolf.   Poor Hulk was all that I was thinking, because you can tell that the only reason why they brought this back was because of the writers strike. It was interesting, due to the fact that I used to watch this close to 14 years ago.  Now, I’m a reality junkie, so I’m prone to watch stuff like this, I’ll admit it.  But, this modern day steroid rage is something that I must admit loses some of my creative juices.

Now, let it be said, the women are just as bad. One was a small physician, while the other looked to be a female wrestler. The second group of women was a counselor and a Marine Core veteran mom.  Tough girls, yes. I will say that in terms of the gladiators, I liked the women a lot more than the men. Yes, Fury, Venom, Siren, and even Helga were just as feisty as the female gladiators of old, but weren’t as manly or trying to be as sexy. It’s a different world for the gladiator female, and Crash showed that the new female event of Earthquake will completely replace Breakthrough and Conquer.  I think with the female gladiators, what was nice was that they didn’t overwhelm the contenders nearly as much.

The men contenders, the second round, were like 100 pounds and a good foot lost between the gladiators and Molivann, the younger of the two contenders.  The disqualifications are still the same; some of the events are still the same. There’s a new water element to this American Gladiators, if you fall in the Joust, you fall in the water, there’s a swim added to the Eliminator, as well as added to the Hang Tough penalties.  It still helps to bring girl power to the forefront, for which I’m happy.

So, Assault, Powerball, the Joust, the Gauntlet, Hang Tough, Hit and Run, and of course the Eliminator, it’s a good start. I think that Ali and Hogan are a good substitute for Mike Adamley and Larry Zonka, but I think they are trying to get more TV time than they really deserve.  It should be about the contenders being that this is just another game show…me? I’m ready for this writers strike to be over with.

A Real World Update before class…

November 30, 2007

So, as classes are finally winding down, I’m catching up on one of my oldest pasttimes…yes yes…reality Tv.  Ace of Cakes is back in business, go hang out with Duff and the gang on the Food Network, meanwhile, I finally caught up with the Real World Sydney.

Being one of the rarity that have been watching the Real World since the beginning, I must admit that they are now reaching fairly far at this point. So, after this past episode (which you too can watch at Trisha is gone, Isaac has lost his grandfather and so he’s gone…and Shavoun left.  I would like to say that I’m shocked by the situation down in Sydney, but I’m really not.  They look for the most outrageous, and often find it.

I’m starting to get bored with Real World, if you can believe it. If “the Shot” is really better in my book….something’s wrong.

Allergies suck.  I am contemplating sucking it up and spending the money for new meds. *ugh*