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A touch of innocence…the Real World invades Washington DC…

January 4, 2010

So, as I have spent the holidays off and not really doing anything except wedding stuff, I should probably add a brief introduction into this blog before I go into my new focus. What’s my new focus you ask?

The Real World.

Not the “real” Real World, the television show. MTV hooked up with Bunim-Murray productions back in 1992 ( I know that might seem like ancient times for some of my readers) and started this process and is now I think in their 23rd season.  While I’ve been there since the beginning (Yes yes, the first new York season), I’ve got to admit that I can’t bring myself to give it up and walk away from it. Even while I suffered through Cancun (and that’s putting it gently), my take out Chinese doesn’t even do justice to the debauchery that these 20 somethings have gotten into in seasons from Las Vegas to Hawaii, to Seattle to Boston. In my ever continuing 30 something rebellion, I’ve got to admit my continued theory that those who consider themselves “rebels” in their teens and 20 somethings are just trying to re-make what we all did when we were in the 90s.

But, I digress. So, I’ve decided to start a new series in this blog. The Real World invasion of DC.  I’m not going to lie, I’m a 30 something juggernaut that has lived in the DC/Baltimore area my entire life. I have very real pre-conceived notions about the Real World, DC, and Baltimore in general. I’m not going to lie in wait and just hope that MTV figures out that they either are or are not right on these things. I don’t honestly care if they think I’m right or not, I’m merely a locals perspective of how things are going.

So, here goes. The first episode always encompasses the introductions, “oh I love the city” blah blah blah. The excitement of the cast coming to DC not withstanding, it was neat how they encompassed the city. The South Market, the Tidal Basin, Union Station, these are the norm that are seen in a different light when broadcast so broadly. They all flew into Reagan National Airport, which is expected, crossing the Key and Memorial Bridge, but in a shocker that I didn’t realize…

…there are local players in this version of our faithful Real World. Yes folks, not only is there someone from Baltimore, but there’s a guy from Philly as well. So, as the locals tell them what’s what…it will be interesting to see the perspective of someone that grew up so close yet so far away. Baltimore, especially the West Baltimore that Ty is from, is worlds away from Washington, same goes for the Philly that Josh is from. Both are now educated, fighting off the “mean” streets that Ty compares more to the “Wire” than to home.
There’s your token religion issue that arises very early in the 1st episode, and in a freak of nature, there’s a lot of boy/girl combinations in the rooms. While I can appreciate trying to be different, I was grateful to see Callie, the small town girl from Texas, and Erika, the rocker from the Windy City, *shout to Chi-town!* decided that their guy roommates were too much.

Then of course, and I’m sure that he’ll be happy to read this…there’s got to be said about Andrew. What a tool. His pictures are like at Metro Center. Hehehe. Denver suburbs must produce a lot of these freakterds around here. My repulsion for this guy is predominantly because there’s a lot of people that come to this town like this. The politically incorrect trying to be Bill Maher with a little bit of Ben Stein. Crazy.

So, stay tuned. The Real World invades DC will take place once a week. 🙂


OMG!! Rumor has it, 23rd Season in DC!

June 20, 2009

That’s right folks, for the obsessive compulsive reality show person that I am…the one that I really watch is the Real World. Welp, just in time for the beginning of the Real World Cancun the filming is starting in DC for the Real World: DC. Shocker. When the previous mayor was in town, there was no way they could get into town, but who knew that Adrian Curry would turn Dupont Circle into a debauchery.

So bring on the drama!!! Hopefully it will bring money to the badly needed District of Columbia. The next closer reality show, other than Duff of course, is Jon and Kate…and I wouldn’t call that a good one.

Part II: Living in the Mid-Atlantic

November 8, 2008

You know it’s funny, as of recent, I’ve noticed that the Mid-Atlantic region and the South have somehow gotten themselves a bad rap. Now, the South has had years of oppression that it has needed to fight off, and hopefully with our first African American president-elect that will happen. Meanwhile, those of us that live directly under the Mason Dixon are often left without realizing or knowing our own identity. Here in Maryland, we’re not Southern, but we’re not Yankees, so what are we anyway? We have a crappy baseball team (both of them), we’re actually making a play to have two decent football teams, and then suddenly, something good happens and the country embraces us again.

I’ve got to hand it to Virginia. Make yourself a battle ground state, and the world takes notice. I know people that were waiting up for HOURS on election day for Virginia’s results. “Are they racist?” I heard someone say, “Or are for once they going to act non-Southern?” That kind of threw me for a loop. See, my mother is from the south, I guess to a certain extent my dad is too, although he traveled so much when he was a kid due to Grandpa’s status in the Navy it’s hard to say. He has often talked about feeling like this region (MD/DC/VA/DE) he feels most at home. He has fond memories of going to Washington Senators games, just the other day we were talking about Brooks Robinson. I never saw the man play, but not unlike Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle, we’re going to have words if you don’t firmly believe he was the best 3rd baseman to ever play the game.

Mom on the other hand has fond memories of Alabama and northern Florida. She knows Southern cooking, and is proud of it. When I was first having issues with how my bf’s parents were she said, “They’re Yankees Mel, they don’t understand.” It’s interesting as an adult child how you still take everything that your parents take on full face value, regardless. I haven’t carried my parents prejudices towards African Americans into living in a predominantly African American city, nor do I feel like I’m prejudical towards the predominantly Latin, probably illegal population that frequents Fells Point. I think it’s good that you’re exposed to different things, and I think that’s predominantly because I consider myself “different”. Something that is a victim of prejudice, and thoughts that aren’t necessarily what you would consider nice.

I’ve been thinking about that Better than Ezra song, “A Southern Thing”. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not about preaching violence, or anything like that, but I’ve heard that so often. “It’s a Southern thing”. To me, it’s about southern hospitality. More like that song Chicken Fried. It’s hard to say. I just feel like sometimes this area really has a personality complex. Here in Maryland we try so hard to be Yankee, and it’s just not. You can tell even before the first snow fall that we don’t have an ounce of Yankee blood in us. The “redneck” arm of Maryland is very visible in certain areas from the shores down in St. Mary’s County (pronounced saint maa-ry’s) to the hills of Hagerstown.

Then, the anomaly. DC. Man, the nation’s capital has such an identity complex. It’s interesting though. No where else in this world I would think could you find a city where the ENTIRE dynamic changes every 4 years. Regardless. The feel, the emotion, you can see it when you sit at Ben’s Chili Bowl or at any bar from Georgetown to downtown. The attitude, the vibe, the feel…it’s different. The sullen attitude of the recession…people are hoping will soon be changed to the excitement of a new dawn of a new leader. I’m excited that I’m planning on hitting up the inauguration parade this year. I’m bound and determined. Unless it snows.

So, as the dawn of a new weekend emerges, I’m looking forward to see what you guys think, and what the attitudes and cultures of your neck of the woods are…because I think mine are hugely unique. What about you?

Samantha’s ~ A place to go see…a restaurant review..

May 12, 2008

So, I’m not quick to let people forget the fact that I have a thing for food. I’m just now getting into the idea of actually making and cooking food, but Friday was special. It was a special occasion for me and the bf, so I figured that we would try something new.

We ended up in Silver Spring, a good 26, 27 mile trip from me here at work, but I wanted to make sure that the bf knew that I was willing to drive as well. The plan was to try a new place for dinner, and then try IronMan down at the Uptown Theatre, a favorite of ours for their panoramic screen. Now, here’s where things get interesting.

Brief excerpt: We’re both graduate students, although he recently graduated (bastard right?:) and is now a doctor. We’re on a tight budget, made even worse by the fact that we are now expanding back out to two households because his new job will necessitate a move to Illinois. So, I was looking for an affordable, good food place.

We arrived at Samantha’s. Now, the Washington Post City Guide raves of the appetizers, but no can do there. We were happy with the chips and homemade salsa. That’s right, we watched them make some. Homemade chips too. *yum* Both of us ordered Salvadoran dishes, with the hopes that we were trying something new, and that it would be better than our typical Mexican trips. The same variety except one beef and the other chicken, the saltado dishes (literally meaning jumped back) were very good. Although I wasn’t expecting what I got.

When you walk into a Latin restaurant, you are anticipating spicy food. You just are, that’s how it goes. When you don’t get it, there’s an anticipation that something is wrong. My meal was prepared with fresh tenderloin, onions, peppers, peas, fries, it was really good. Just not spicy. Same goes for the bf. So, guess in El Salvador, it’s not about spicy. I did a bit of research and found out that I was right.

Salvadorian food is about using the freshest, most fruitful of ingredients, opting more for vegetables than anything else. Apparently, the papusa’s are also amazing, especially the seafood variety. I already have the Crab enchiladas picked out for our next visit.

Located in the Latin area of Silver Spring, if you’re not familiar with Silver Spring MD you will miss it. As we did three times, and I’m from the area! Prices are reasonable, and there is limited parking. It’s located at 631 E University Blvd. Very family oriented, and family run!

4 crutches from me! Stay tuned, Ironman review soon!