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A touch of innocence…the Real World invades Washington DC…

January 4, 2010

So, as I have spent the holidays off and not really doing anything except wedding stuff, I should probably add a brief introduction into this blog before I go into my new focus. What’s my new focus you ask?

The Real World.

Not the “real” Real World, the television show. MTV hooked up with Bunim-Murray productions back in 1992 ( I know that might seem like ancient times for some of my readers) and started this process and is now I think in their 23rd season.  While I’ve been there since the beginning (Yes yes, the first new York season), I’ve got to admit that I can’t bring myself to give it up and walk away from it. Even while I suffered through Cancun (and that’s putting it gently), my take out Chinese doesn’t even do justice to the debauchery that these 20 somethings have gotten into in seasons from Las Vegas to Hawaii, to Seattle to Boston. In my ever continuing 30 something rebellion, I’ve got to admit my continued theory that those who consider themselves “rebels” in their teens and 20 somethings are just trying to re-make what we all did when we were in the 90s.

But, I digress. So, I’ve decided to start a new series in this blog. The Real World invasion of DC.  I’m not going to lie, I’m a 30 something juggernaut that has lived in the DC/Baltimore area my entire life. I have very real pre-conceived notions about the Real World, DC, and Baltimore in general. I’m not going to lie in wait and just hope that MTV figures out that they either are or are not right on these things. I don’t honestly care if they think I’m right or not, I’m merely a locals perspective of how things are going.

So, here goes. The first episode always encompasses the introductions, “oh I love the city” blah blah blah. The excitement of the cast coming to DC not withstanding, it was neat how they encompassed the city. The South Market, the Tidal Basin, Union Station, these are the norm that are seen in a different light when broadcast so broadly. They all flew into Reagan National Airport, which is expected, crossing the Key and Memorial Bridge, but in a shocker that I didn’t realize…

…there are local players in this version of our faithful Real World. Yes folks, not only is there someone from Baltimore, but there’s a guy from Philly as well. So, as the locals tell them what’s what…it will be interesting to see the perspective of someone that grew up so close yet so far away. Baltimore, especially the West Baltimore that Ty is from, is worlds away from Washington, same goes for the Philly that Josh is from. Both are now educated, fighting off the “mean” streets that Ty compares more to the “Wire” than to home.
There’s your token religion issue that arises very early in the 1st episode, and in a freak of nature, there’s a lot of boy/girl combinations in the rooms. While I can appreciate trying to be different, I was grateful to see Callie, the small town girl from Texas, and Erika, the rocker from the Windy City, *shout to Chi-town!* decided that their guy roommates were too much.

Then of course, and I’m sure that he’ll be happy to read this…there’s got to be said about Andrew. What a tool. His pictures are like at Metro Center. Hehehe. Denver suburbs must produce a lot of these freakterds around here. My repulsion for this guy is predominantly because there’s a lot of people that come to this town like this. The politically incorrect trying to be Bill Maher with a little bit of Ben Stein. Crazy.

So, stay tuned. The Real World invades DC will take place once a week. 🙂


Randomness in No Particular Order

January 8, 2009

1. It’s fucking cold out. I can’t imagine you suckers out in the midwest dealing with this since the beginning of December. It’s January, the midst of the little weather that I have here in MD, and I want to get off already. I think about bf being out in Chitown, and all I want to do is shiver.

2. There’s nothing nicer than having my parents over for dinner. My dad and I had the nicest time last night. That damn puzzle just won’t finish itself. I don’t get it.

3. I wonder if it’s true sometimes, now that we’ve been living apart for 4 months, if absence does make the heart grow fonder. My bf was here for 2 weeks, and my heart shattered again when he left. It’s odd too. I get mean. Like MEAN when crap like this happens.

4. After 32 years, I’ve realized that Maryland isn’t necessarily the best place in the whole world. I’m not saying that it ain’t great, it is…just saying that sometimes it’s not as blissful when you’re away from the people you care about.

5. Escaping can be a good thing. But, given that I heard on the news the other day that Arizona got snow…I have no where to hide.

6. Good data can make your entire week, bad data the next day can make you suicidal.

7. Turned in my first re-write, here’s moving on to all things alcohol!

8. Perhaps I should just get used to being in the return line. Christmas was wonderful, but those skinny jeans just aren’t my thing anymore. Damn swelling bs leg.

9. Moving on should be the token phrase for 2009.

10. And finally, I know I know, the entire world is in love with Barack Obama. And, as much as I’m excited for the new presidency, this whole BS whistle stop tour is going to immobilize this area for almost a whole week and it’s going to be a MAD HOUSE. Oh, and let me also take this time to give a big FU to Southwest airlines for increasing fares to Chicago because Barack is from there and so people will be flying back and forth. Thanks for NOTHING. Thankfully Ma will not be at work the day before or the day of inauguration. I will happily be watching the chaos from the comfort of my own home.

Like J said, I think 10’s enough for today. Happy New year!

An Independent’s Perspective ~ A Real World Look at an Election 2 Weeks Away

October 21, 2008

Excerpt: I know it’s been a while guys, and I need to put up an excerpt about the Dew Tour, including some highlights I got from buds here in Bmore….It’s been busy, but here goes nothing for you election gurus!

At this corner of Douglas Street and Montana Avenue in Northeast Washington, no one expected that a political career would start like this. Darren figured that he fought his way out of the streets of Baltimore, worked his butt off to get off North Avenue, risked drugs, violence to get into Baltimore Polytechnic, didn’t do anything except study to head his way to Howard University.

He hated the thought of being known as “African American” as his family originated in Jamaica. He never felt like he needed to take the charity that he considered the affirmative action, but never felt that his “brothers” were lesser because he knew a lot needed more than he did. He was lucky that his uncle had come into money.

“God bless the Maryland Lottery.” he muttered as he walked up to the “first” client. Darren envisioned himself a lawyer, and often his self-righteous attitude showed it.  However, he didn’t figure that his way to an internship in the White House meant having to walk up to homeless.

“Excuse me sir, are you registered to vote in this years electon?”

The haggard man glanced at Darren with a look of discontent.
“What the fuck you talkin’ about boy? Did you come down here for coke, or did you come down here to tell me some bullshit about an election that no one gives a shit about anymore anyway.”

Darren smiled and thought to himself about how enjoyable this was going to be.
“Alright I’ll bite. I’m not interested in coke,” Darren returned, “I work for the Obama campaign.”

“Are you one of those indignant brothers, or do you actually give a shit about what’s going on?” the man questioned obviously happy for the company that had suddenly emerged.

“I actually give a shit about what’s going on.” Darren responded meekly.

The man cupped Darren’s shoulder and gestured to sit on the stoop. “Well good for you, young man.  But, let me give you some education.”

Darren knew he must be in for the long hall when the man relaxed against a house that wasn’t his.

“I’ve lived in this godforesaken town for close to 30 years, and through a little less than 5 presidencies. Which means I’ve lived through twice as many campaigns. Everyone loves a good campaign, because it gives people something to believe in. Something to care. ”

“So, do you care?” Darren returned, “Are you going to care enough to get to the polls?”
The man that now looked a lot younger than Darren once thought sat down and laughed. “Shit man, where the fuck you from?”
Darren explained that he was from Baltimore, but came down to the district for university studies.

“Ah, you’re one of the lucky ones. Kinda like that Obama kid. He’s one of the lucky ones. You obviously weren’t from one of those rich-bitch neighborhoods like Federal fucking Hill where that slut of a twin is are you or you wouldn’t have had the nerve to sit down here with me.  I’d guess Pennsylvania and Druid Hill.  Projects?”

Darren only answered with a twist of his head back and forth.

“Wow, guess you must have gone to Poly or some shit like that. You aren’t scared boy, despite the gun you know I have. I’m slightly impressed. Look, here’s the reality. No one gives a shit about the feds unless they need more money so that I can get my soup every night on Rhode Island.  Perhaps a warm place to sleep when it dips past 40 at night.  People only gave a shit down here for one reason, that was Len Bias.”

“I’m showing my age, who’s Len Bias?” Darren replied.

“Shit boy, you said you’re from Mary-freakin’-land, and you don’t know who Len Bias was? Shit man, he’s what put coke on the map. 2nd Round draft pick, killed himself on a ringer that was just a bit too fun. What a fuckin’ pansy.”

“What’s your point? Some dead basketball player? Too much coke for a college kid?”

The haggard man lunged at Darren and it startled him. He got up quickly and went for the swiss army knife he had in his back pocket.

“It’s not about that. It’s never been about that. That boy had it all. He had it all except the one bit that the fucking teachers can’t teach. He never knew that he needed help till it was too late. I’ve been smoking weed for close to twenty years. Heroin for 10. It’s destroyed my circulatory, my liver, and god knows what else. I’m an educated man, reduced to talking to some peckerhead on the street hoping he’ll give me $5 for McDonald’s later. It’s not about the fucking god damn election. It’s not. It’s about you and me boy. It’s about the fact that NO ONE helps us. No one. Not Obama, not that old white man. No one.”

Darren had an idea. He said to the man,
“You hungry? Why don’t you come with me.”

At his own personal risk, Darren found himself at a TGIFriday’s on Pennsylvania Avenue, just a couple blocks from the White House.  He instructed the staff to give the man whatever he wanted.  The man ate to his full, and for one night…one night only, he slept in a warm bed.

*Loosely based on a real situation*

What’s my point in writing this? The reason for my disgust in the current election is this.  It’s not about the federal government until money comes into play. Are you out there helping the homeless? Are you out there curing disease? Helping educate? That man ended up in a rehab program.  Not due to the kindness of “Darren” but due to the fact that he worked damn hard.  Who knows. He might still be out on Florida Avenue touting drugs, and ruining his life. It’s hard to say.

The climate in this country is in serious danger. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t care about the rest of the world. We should.  I’m saying there’s NO EASY ANSWERS. That it goes beyond the name calling, the negativity, the unanswered prayers. It goes well beyond this election to where we want this country to be in the next 4 years. I’m not saying you need to make your decision to vote for Obama.  I don’t know if he’d do the best job. But, saying that doesn’t mean I’m begging you to vote for McCain either.

Make the decision that you need to make. Become informed. You’ve got two weeks left. For a world that goes shortly beyond sound bites, I will say that this situation that a friend of mine found himself in startled me. It brought it back to a whole new realm.  This country as a whole, what makes us great is our right to be selfish. In a capitalistic society, we can be selfish. But, we should be allowed to fail. Outright. It’s cruel, heartless, and sometimes necessary.

From the economy, health care, transportation, and a war a world away, there’s a lot of issues to weigh.   Take a step back from Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright, from George Bush, and realize that you’re hiring a man that will sign the checks that YOU ARE writing in the upcoming years.  Want to cure the health care crisis? It’s gonna take longer than 4 years.  The economy? It’s not gonna be just one foul swoop that’s gonna change things. We need to think ahead and look to what’s being done NOW to ensure the future. 

A conference, a surgery..quite an experience…

February 23, 2008

So, I just spent the entire week at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences annual meeting. It was a tough week, I can’t say that I’m not exhausted. The weather today prevented me from really going out today, and the worst part about it is that I probably could have finished the conference this morning, given the opportunity, but I was so tired when I woke up this morning. So, I took the day to relax and recover.

Here’s what I think.

1. I thought for a while that I couldn’t do this. It was the disability, it was the sickness, it was all of that.

Bullshit. That was just an excuse. I met some world renowned scientists this week, and they ALL said that not only am I making a huge impact on the literature, but that I will definitely have a job when I’m out of school. So…I have my lab backing me up, my adviser backing me up, my committee backing me up, and now the community backing me up. I didn’t need a special section to present the LITTLE I had anyway, the jealousy within me for the money that the other lab gets was raising to new heights. I guess it’s easy to be successful when you have all the money in the world to do your experiments and things right at your fingertips.
I feel as if this entire trip either made me stronger…or more scared. I think that I pissed off a couple people, and I think I got a lot of people really excited about a lot of really good science. I met some people that I never anticipated. I met the inventor of Temprence Brennan, the main character of the show Bones. I also met Dr. Lee who testified in a number of cases from Scott Petersen, and O.J. Simpson. On the flip side…

…the hotel sucked. Don’t EVER go to the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington DC. It’s a HORRIFICALLY non-ADA hotel. *ugh* It was really really really bad. The parking was bad, the way to get up from the metro was bad. It snowed two days in a row, it was just enough to make me crazy.

You know it’s weird though. All I kept thinking about last night in the open forum was to make the most of the time I had there, because I needed to go home, and get healthy. So, the surgery is coming, and needless to say, it doesn’t prevent me from being scared out of my wits, but at least I’m comprehending it enough to know that I’m not a moron, and once I get to feeling better, I really need to get down and get done with this comprehensive exam so that I can get out of school sooner rather than later…

Dr. W….creepy. Real creepy.