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I’ll Never Be a Cold Weather Baby…

March 2, 2009

So, my man has always had this vision that despite the climate that we will go to these exotic places and be these exotic people and share our knowledge of our respective subjects around the world. I let him sort of have this dream with the hopes that he will eventually get to the point that I’m at that a beach house by the bay would be nice. That 70 degrees every day despite it being January or June would also be nice. I haven’t quite gotten him there, but he’ll get there I tell ya he will!

It snowed about 5 inches in the Baltimore area today. Although it was nice to sleep in, and it was nice to get some work done here at home, I must admit that Atlantis commercial looks better and better the lack of warm weather and the more hot chocolate that I drink. I loved that my neighbor (I live in a building with a lot of nurses) goes, “You okay? You need a scraper?” as I’m struggling to clean the couple of inches of snow off my car. It’s funny as I’m going through stuff as much as I’m proud that I’m being so independent and so on part of me wonders when flipflops will come back into style.

So, in the end the only thing I can figure out is…any beach town university need a theoretical physicist? 🙂


Randomness in No Particular Order

January 8, 2009

1. It’s fucking cold out. I can’t imagine you suckers out in the midwest dealing with this since the beginning of December. It’s January, the midst of the little weather that I have here in MD, and I want to get off already. I think about bf being out in Chitown, and all I want to do is shiver.

2. There’s nothing nicer than having my parents over for dinner. My dad and I had the nicest time last night. That damn puzzle just won’t finish itself. I don’t get it.

3. I wonder if it’s true sometimes, now that we’ve been living apart for 4 months, if absence does make the heart grow fonder. My bf was here for 2 weeks, and my heart shattered again when he left. It’s odd too. I get mean. Like MEAN when crap like this happens.

4. After 32 years, I’ve realized that Maryland isn’t necessarily the best place in the whole world. I’m not saying that it ain’t great, it is…just saying that sometimes it’s not as blissful when you’re away from the people you care about.

5. Escaping can be a good thing. But, given that I heard on the news the other day that Arizona got snow…I have no where to hide.

6. Good data can make your entire week, bad data the next day can make you suicidal.

7. Turned in my first re-write, here’s moving on to all things alcohol!

8. Perhaps I should just get used to being in the return line. Christmas was wonderful, but those skinny jeans just aren’t my thing anymore. Damn swelling bs leg.

9. Moving on should be the token phrase for 2009.

10. And finally, I know I know, the entire world is in love with Barack Obama. And, as much as I’m excited for the new presidency, this whole BS whistle stop tour is going to immobilize this area for almost a whole week and it’s going to be a MAD HOUSE. Oh, and let me also take this time to give a big FU to Southwest airlines for increasing fares to Chicago because Barack is from there and so people will be flying back and forth. Thanks for NOTHING. Thankfully Ma will not be at work the day before or the day of inauguration. I will happily be watching the chaos from the comfort of my own home.

Like J said, I think 10’s enough for today. Happy New year!

Yes, Yes: Two Post Day

November 7, 2008

A bad foot day sprung upon me yesterday, and due to that, you will receive a grand total of two posts today due to my ever changing need to appeal to my slim or not reading audience. The UMBC Doctoral Recognition Ceremony was last night and I acted as paparazzi for the group. Let me tell you, it’s so interesting when you look at other cultures, as to why this stuff is only important to us americante’s.  This ceremony was predominantly a pat on the back to those in the department that had made the step from being the pre-doctoral to doctoral candidate.  It’s a test that needs to be taken. I’ll admit that I’ve taken it, and need to complete a few re-writes so that my conditional pass will become a full pass.

Bummer I know.

I had this whole idea last night, and in true mel fashion what did I do? You guessed it, fell asleep after eating a salad dinner. At least I’m losing weight due to my lack of finances, I guess that’s better than the gym. (I’m kidding, honest.)  I haven’t actually cooked a meal at my house this week, and I have a feeling that the trend will continue as my boyfriend will be in town this weekend.  The more and more I spend time without him, the more and more I realize that we might actually be able to pull this off. We had it out the other night because he didn’t remember that I was going to be in the paper (see my 30 Daze entry) because he had more “important” things on his mind.

I gotta say men amuse the living crap out of me sometimes. I’ve always been amused, my poor bf, his explanation is:

“Well I don’t keep track of your schedule.”

I had only talked about the situation since the reporter got a hold of me.  I said to him, “Look, I am not interested in theoretical physics, and I ask constantly about it. I hate ultimate frisbee, and I hang with those guys and go watch you play, I hate board gaming, ask about it all the time. I don’t ask you to be interested in chemistry, to be interested in law, forensics, I don’t really care if you don’t like any of that. I had been talking about being in the paper for a WEEK. It’s coming out on election day, I asked you to pay attention to ONE thing.”

He held firm till the next day. I said, “Well, at least you realized for ONCE you were wrong.”

It’s amazing that there are times that I think that we’re not going to make it through this long distance thing. That I’m ready to kill him because I just can’t take his laissez-faire attitude about my life and his existence in it. To him, he’s not involved with me during the week. Yet he calls EVERY day, and we talk a lot.  He doesn’t understand why I don’t feel the same way.  I don’t get it.

Meanwhile, on the family front:

Ma’s feeling better, thankfully she’s starting to emerge back into her old self. We talked briefly about it and she said that she just didn’t want me to see her in such pain. I was like “Ma, it would have been like the Terms of Endearment moment” she started laughing. I sware, I think that there are times that my family (yes K, sorry you’re included in this) truly underestimate what I can do domestically. I am so willing to step in because I want to make sure that they realize that I’m a firm part of this family and I will be there. Regardless.  I am doing my best to watch over my sis while still taking as good a care of myself as I can.

I need to send the word out that I need christmas lists early this year. *sigh* I think that’s the only way I’m going to get it all done.

Work continues to be…work.

I’ll be scribbling later my post that I meant to write last night.

You’re Going to Miss this…

January 25, 2008

For those of you who read me often on this site, you know that I tend to well…let’s not lie, I complain a lot. Mostly about school, work, the lack of time to see my family, etc. Well, last night had a relatively interesting revelation to me.

I was talking to a friend of mine, I hadn’t heard from him in a while. He’s in Florida. Yes, we used to date. Yes, he’s the one I wrote about a long time ago whom after he got divorced he left me a plane ticket here at BWI…

You know it’s weird. He’s so messed up in the head sometimes, and it’s just odd. So, he was asking me about the bf last night, and I must admit, that I kind of giggled. Poor guy. He had 7 years with one woman that he now wants to throttle. Then he started in about the bf. Now, for him, what he did was marry the girl of his proverbial dreams a year after they started dating, because “why waste time”. Screw that I say. I asked him last night if he knew then what he knows now if he would have stayed with her. The answer was a complete heck no…except of course a lot more violent. My point of the entire evening was to say, “Until you see it, you don’t know.”

My thought, he’s bummed that he’s not in a situation that is happy. For me, as much as it would suck, it would be okay if the bf left tomorrow and never came back. I can’t say that I fault him for it, because I don’t. I would fault him for not telling me sooner, but that’s about it. I will miss this when it’s gone though. Terribly.

The brief time I was with the guy in question, he didn’t appreciate the time I was there, just what he needed to do next. For crying out loud, he hasn’t seen his parents in over a year because he refuses to fly up here because his dad’s scared to fly. My goodness, get on a plane already.

I miss being taken care of by my parents. I am terribly envious that my sister sees them some 4-5 times more a week than I do. Sometimes I don’t even see them. They make slim to no effort to come and see me, and I understand they have their lives, and schedules, that makes sense. With my recent car problems, I saw my dad more frequently, but he still spend a good amount of time with my sister, and I’ll admit it…I’m jealous. I hate it. They all rationalize it too, it’s because of the grandkids…


You have to make critical decisions in your life at times, and I worry that some are coming up for me soon, and I don’t know if I will be able to handle it. But, I will say one thing…I like to hear, “Hey Melinda, you’re doing okay. Don’t worry too much yet.” Instead, what I get, “Does that mean you’ll be in school LONGER?” It’s like there’s almost a conversation gap. Something lost in the translation.

My bf is taking about his defense more and more. It scares me. Now, I’m a fraidy cat incarnate anyway, but still.

But, like the song I heard last night said, “Why rush it?” Perhaps they’re right. The all knowing “they”.

The song said I’ll miss this time…I hope they’re right.

Life, a fraternity, and romance enhancement

November 9, 2007

So, as things have progressed, I’ve got to admit that I have been enjoying this NaBloPoMo thing quite a bit. It’s been helpful for me to take a certain amount of time to get through my thoughts so that I can go on with the rest of my day.

I’ve got a meeting with my department chair this afternoon to discuss my fellowship proposal, my committee, and what’s next in my dissertation stuff. I’ve got to say, it’s nice that at this point I’m truly 1/2 way through. I wish that I could say that I’m all the way through, but I digress. The University system here in Maryland has been good to me, and as such I’ve got to say, that if I wasn’t at my research university I’d probably be happier.

The negativity that I receive where I’m working at (where my lab is) is miserable. I’ve never met people that have made wrong decisions and done nothing to correct it. It’s not like I’m saying they are bad people, and I hate them all, because I don’t…I’m not saying that they are all negative, because they aren’t, I just haven’t found my niche there yet, and I’m starting to wonder if I ever will. I’m comfortable in the cozy confines of Baltimore, and I wish to stay here. As I can’t, I might as well hide here on my off time. People are strong to their way of living, and I think because I’ve always been forced to adjust so much, their lack of openmindedness bothers me. People say, do, and act really dumb in my book.

Don’t wish yourself dead by 70, believe me you’ll feel different at 69. Don’t drink yourself to oblivion, because as my research can show, the lasting effects will bother you for a while. I’m all for a good party, but I’ve been the whole drinking till blacking out thing. I’ve done that, I’m over it. Perhaps because everyone is fresh out of undergraduate, and they all went to relatively small schools, the idea of what they did during their undergraduate careers was a bit different than mine. But, even as I think back to the dismal days of the end of my 1st undergraduate degree, I’ve got to say that I was never the huge drinking type.

I got more into it with the Alpha Chi Sigma people, I’ve got to admit. But, it was a place that I still had to adjust to being more comfortable, and how they did things. I didn’t drink during my pledge semester, I was more interested in watching the skaters on campus than being at pledge meetings. I was also still very sick.

Speaking of AXE. I got a call yesterday that they needed assistance in their initiation ceremony, and as much as I’m willing to help, once again, the lack of openmindedness is legendary. And, frustrating. Perhaps I’m not being openminded in my own situation, it’s hard to say.

So, for those of you that read me, you know that I’m a romance enhancement specialist. I’ve got two parties in the next two weeks, relatively far away. I’m terrified. My experiences is that if you drive for a party, it will not go well. I’m hoping against hope that it isn’t the case. I went to Woodbridge, which was a good 2 hour drive, and that was a great party. So…I’m hopeful.

The party I have this weekend is a bunch of college women, and it should be fun. It will be large numbers, so I’m hoping that there will be good sales. I just sent off a long email of last minute instructions for the hostess. With in home party sales it’s funny. Some people do really well, some don’t. I’m one that doesn’t. But, I digress. It’s because I’d rather not swindle people. I think swindling sucks. I’d much rather give you a good deal. There are so many women in the company I work for that expect college parties to be so bad. I hope my luck with them continues.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine online is having a party the following weekend….hehehe…should be interesting, but I’ll let her tell you about it.