Thoughts, My Sister, and the Runaway Bride

You know, I will admit that there are times that my sister,Kara that I often wonder about her and I.  I had one of those thoughts tonight as I was sitting there watching the two sisters Maggie and Peggy talking in the runaway bride. “Like those married women that have lost all their mystery.” “You have a lot of mystery.” “I’m not mysterious, I’m weird, weird is different than mysterious.” “Well, I’m weird,” “Maggie, you are not weird, you’re quirky.”

There were times that I missed those talks. It’s as if sometimes I’m running one way, and she’s running the other. Often times, when we get together, I do spend a good amount of time running after her two boys. And, you know gods honest truth, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  However, I must admit a bit of sadness does hit when  I get home and I realize that I didn’t say much more to her than hi. Now, she’s never been as vocal as I am, and she’s always been a lot more private than I ever have been (perhaps that’s my problem more than hers 🙂 that sometimes I just get upset that I hope that it isn’t that there’s nothing to say.

I will say though it has gotten a bit more interesting. As things have gotten a bit more stressful in their home lives, Kara has been more prone to call me, and  let me know what’s going on with her.  I think that her in-laws put a lot of strain on her and her husband’s relationship,  unfortunately so.  But, I hope that she knows that it’s just her and me.

That through hardships in marriages, through wondering if marriage will ever come (for me, not her), my struggle with wanting children, my struggles through my health, even though we rarely talk about it…it’s just me and her.

I feel bad sometimes for bf. He is such a wonderful man, and I truly believe that his sister has lost out. Lost out on knowing him, lost out on knowing how much fun he truly can be. How he makes me laugh, and how he truly cares, she doesn’t know, because neither of them like each other. Although, prejudicially speaking I must admit that I don’t care for her either.  It’s not that they don’t like each other, I think they do, I just think they don’t care, and for me that’s worse.

One last note, you can tell that I’m getting knee deep in graduate work, because I’m going in tomorrow, on a national holiday.  *urgh*


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One Response to “Thoughts, My Sister, and the Runaway Bride”

  1. pandemonic Says:

    You sound like a great sister! Someday there’ll be the deeper connection that you crave. I know you’ll be around for it. It’s just sometimes things happen for one reason or another.

    And if not, you have me, your friend! 🙂

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